Become Sponsor of this Sporty-Diplomatic-Economic Initiative: FIRST GOLF EVENT IN LATVIA

Dear Baltic and Nordic members, I´d like to support here on B2Baltic United Business Networks Nordic this initiative, looking for smart sponsors:

A great team of private and public sector individuals has been working very hard to make a very special event happen, the biggest sports event in Latvian history…we are in the home stretch of bringing the first professional GOLF EVENT to Latvia!

This historical event is scheduled for September 8th and 9th at The Ozo Golf Club, Riga, Latvia. This is an historic opportunity for a company to get Title Sponsor status for a professional golf event, as well as public PR, for making a positive difference in the Baltics, a region that is certainly in the spotlight.

“In the alternative, chip in any amount to join the group of companies and individuals supporting this event, including Mercedes and Radisson Hotels, to be part of the team” says the organizer.

Moreover I´d like to share with you this video . I found it particularly well-done. Latvia great place to doing international business!

Charitable proceeds will be directed to Ronald McDonald House Charities (providing health care to children in rural Latvia)

For more details or joining as sponsor please contact us. Why Riga for Business? Read this article to understand why it is good.


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