High-Tech Quality Plastics Design. Glass and tailored design not only for bar…

Our partner is a professional plastics designer, a young dynamic European enterprise specialized in manufacturing plastic and rubber with other materials, such as metals and stones. Their specialty is the design of components in bi-injection (combination of two materials/colours). The components are in-house produced – from the first raw design to final production and packaging. In their DNA there are more than 30 years of experience and know-how, an inheritance from their family business, very well known among insiders, for the excellent quality of the production of components for the fashion industry.

Thanks to the cooperation with large multinational specialized in fashion accessories, for which even today, they develop products tailored to the needs of the most prestigious brands . In recent years, the desire for new challenges , goals and growth, has prompted them to use this DNA in a different way. Inspired by their history, they used high standards of quality and technology in order to offer a young, fresh and top quality product.

But anyway this design is not “just for the bar”. The Line includes “cocktail “, ” shot” and “cup” glasses. They are modern, functional and ergonomic, not only to the needs of bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs or discos, but they are also a fun and original way to set the table or offer a drink at home.
Beautiful, durable, stylish and fun, total black or colored in Standard, Fluorescent or Glow, Linea Bar  products will make you smile and get compliments. Perfectly compatible with the washing in the dishwasher.

Our partner is not just its own brand lines but is also able to produce especially tailored products, at the request of the customer, for any industry. Contact the B2BALTIC staff to let us know what you’re imagining, we are able to make it come true !

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