The first concept Energy Drink with absolutely “NO” Taurine, now also for Nordic market

Our European partner has developed a new Concept Energy Drink absolutely without Taurine which offers a cool image closer to the wholesome fun of real life. It doesn’t aim to extremism in sports and in life: it prefers to highlight the enjoyment of the events and the leisure moments that people live cheerfully. It’s the real fun 99% of the population is experiencing in discotheques and bars, with friends and family.
The Energy Drinks are typically bought and consumed by impulse. For this reason the role of packaging becomes a major key factor. Therefore we have designed the can with colours and images extremely eye catching, especially in the artificially illuminated environment of the typical lounge bar and discotheque. We have an interesting reseller partner program. Please contact us for more details, brochures and partner special price list.