From the Alps the new natural line life body, visage and sun.

Our European partner for cosmetics has been making a name for itself in the field of Health and Beauty since 2006. The company is gradually formulating new, exclusive ranges of products and services. In the field of beauty treatments, the many years of experience gained by New Life’s owner in plant therapy and the partnership with biologists and pharmacists have paved the way for a new line of top quality cosmetics, brim full of natural ingredients, a line that combines the natural properties of plants with state-of-the-art technology.
 These products are going to be aimed not only at the general public but also for beauty salons and specialists. A special reselling partner program is available. Please contact us for more details, brochures and resell price list.

LIFE BODY: This range has been created to meet all the needs of the various parts of the body, using specific plants for targeted action. These products are perfect for skin of all ages that needs care and attention. The active ingredients in these products give the body all the help it needs to cope with the demands of daily life, at work and at play, and it is ideal for both men and women. Antiseptic, soothing, toning properties combined with astringent, stimulating and anti-inflammatory effects all help to relieve the signs of fatigue, recharging your batteries with renewed energy to keep your body in shape and your mind in perfect balance with nature.

LIFE SUN: A specially selected blend of plant extracts cultivated in the Alps with a fragrance that is unique in a sun protection range. Laboratory tests have shown the ability of this blend to protect our skin and combat the damage caused by such harsh environmental agents as dust, UV radiation and smog. These harsh agents attack the skin and the chemical and physical reactions they spark off can lead to the formation of free radicals which are in turn responsible for accelerating aging processes. The light texture and exclusive micro-diffuser spray guarantee even coverage, including on those usually hard-to-reach places. Ideal for all seasons of the year and for all sun-exposure situations.

LIFE VISAGE: The edelweiss is not only the ultimate Alpine natural icon, but it has also been valued for centuries for its rare beauty and anti-oxidising properties. These properties have now been proven in laboratory tests, demonstrating their ability to combat the formation of those free radicals that are harmful to our skin and one of the main causes of ageing. This plant has other striking properties such as its resistance to harsh weather conditions, thus strengthening our own defence mechanisms and fighting back the years. It also has anti-inflammatory, soothing and softening properties. These products are very easily absorbed, making them easy and practical to use and their delicate fragrance never limits their use.



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