Master builder and designer for smart offices and headquarters

B2BALTIC Community works with top design players and Luxury Nordic Hub LNH (if you are a constructor or designer just join our community too) highly specialized in building and restructuring. Design in the construction industry is not possible without a thorough knowledge of the essence that binds business and comfort, or without the study of environments designed for business meetings and at the same time able to stimulate increasingly renewed mental and physical energy and harmony. Our selected members and partners follow these guidelines, with the maximum attention to lighting, ergonomics, bio-climatic sustainability and energy efficiency with the expert choice of materials during the construction phase and using high yield systems.

The ultimate goal is to create work environments that combine professional efficiency with the art of good living that has always distinguished the best European lifestyle. Hereby some of our last works in collaboration with the best furniture suppliers for prestigious offices in Germany, Nordic and Italy.

N.B. if you are not yet member of the Nordic Baltic community B2BALTIC, you can receive base business membership, it takes just 3 minutes filling-up the application here. You can change your type of membership later anytime.

If you need an urgent quote for development, sales or rent, you can leave a free message here (we cover up to 24 countries from construction to assistance on site):

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