Shops and Shopping Centers. From Construction to Retailing

B2BALTIC Community RETAIL HUB works with top design players and Luxury Nordic Hub LNH (if you are a constructor or designer just join our community too) highly specialized in building and restructuring, shops and shopping malls.

“The design does have an impact if you take into consideration the sale point area that is illuminated by led circular display windows that have three different dimensions. The mixture of feelings versus reason can be perceived when the light of the backdrop changes, offering a visual contrast with the overall design. The color of the lights also differs from season to season or if there is any special occasion for example a holiday or a thematic day-the lights are changed fitting the situation”

Experience in marble makes possible to integrate precious elements and characteristic design into a work place. For practice example:

For marble furniture and delivery contact us or have a look at the marble sales on B2BALTIC.

Shopping centers

Shopping centers and malls have been built on a surface area of 100.000 m² with more than 80 shops and restaurants in the Nordics, around 140 shops in Germany and more than 70 shops in Italy. These projects claimed for high standards regarding integration of lighting and LED´s into the architectural structures. Various assembly technologies have been used to install aluminum profile systems.

N.B. if you are not yet member of the Nordic Baltic community B2BALTIC, you can receive base business membership, it takes just 3 minutes filling-up the application here. You can change your type of membership later anytime.

If you need an urgent quote for development, sales or rent, you can leave a free message here (we cover up to 24 countries from construction to assistance on site):

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