Study and design in the realization of classical furniture. For demanding customer.

A careful work of research joined with a constant study. The result is the creation of unique and on the cutting edge models in the sector of the classical furniture, which is in continuously evolution and which is inspired by high artistic, pictorial and sculptural principles. Functionality and convenience are united in an exclusive and eternal creation, harmonious synthesis between the functionally of each furniture, and the role assumed in the environment.

Each furniture is unique and it answers to a unique idea. From conception to creation the study is about modeling, when the aesthetic taste meets the particular technical demand of customers.

The craftsman/artist pays attention to the final destination of the furniture, and it is in the model making stage which it assumes personality in the world of furnishings.

Study and design are important elements in the realization of furniture. Actually, it is necessary to discover the lines of the past, but the creativity of the drawer its intuition and the aesthetic sense let to sell elegant and sophisticated furniture designed to last longer.

Contact B2BALTIC Community to: 1) Renovate your old precious objects, or 2) buy an extraordinary one for your home or your luxury office (we will check our exclusive antique dealers and find the right antiquity!):



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