Ecological Cosmetics Distribution and Customizing for Hotels B2B

Ecological Cosmetic Line distribution in B2BALTIC™. Since the start of the eighties we have been making natural cosmetics and detergents using wild officinal herbs. We have always followed a unique production procedure that starts in the unspoilt mountain pastures in the shade of dedicated mountain refuges. We invest in research and in continual improvement to create effective products that deliver real cosmetic and detergent results. We are able to offer worldwide:
Face line:
Moisturising face cream, Anti-age face cream, Nourishing face cream, Aftershave cream, Facial cleansing milk, Facial toning lotion, Gentle facial cleanser.
Body line:
Elasticizing body lotion, Restructuring soothing cream, Draining lotion legs and feet, Delicate natural deodorant, Natural refreshing deodorant.
Cleansing line:
Delicate bath and shower gel, Emollient bath and shower gel, Toning bath and shower gel, Concentrated hand wash.
Hair line:
Shampoo normal and delicate hair, Shampoo dry hair, Shampoo hair with dandruff
Oral Hygiene line:
Natural toothpaste, Oral hygiene plant complex.
Special treatments line:
Restructuring soothing cream, Draining lotion legs and feet, Calendula ointment, Sage ointment.
Household line:
All-purpose detergent for the home; Washing up liquid; Liquid detergent for washing.
Hotels line:
The Institute invests in continuous research to create efficient products, able to give a real cosmetic and detergent effect. Thanks to the courtesy line the Institute will be able to provide hotel and accommodation guests natural, highly efficient and environmentally friendly products, and compose your own courtesy line in three quick steps. Label customizing possible.
Our plants:
Thyme, Mallow, Dog-Rose, Sage, Calendula, Horsetail, Yarrow, Cornflower. In the middle of the European Alps. The majestic and beautiful mountains that surround this area offer a natural shelter from the currents of the North, allowing the formation of a particular micro-climate , characterized by typical climatic and thermal excursions. A huge botanical garden, which is located at high altitude and in a totally unspoilt environment: these conditions not only favor the growth of valuable plant species, but also allow to make them particularly rich in active ingredients. Here, still by hand and only during their balsamic period, we collect the precious medicinal plants from which we make cosmetics and detergents.

Interested in working together with B2BALTIC Community to develop cosmetics trade, regional or abroad? Write us!


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