3D Digital Signage glasses-free for your new Business

It´s time to change your advertising system. B2Baltic is hardware and solution provider in the digital signage industry and glasses-free 3D digital signage business. We help our partners with contents, best in class productions, software development and hardware so they can offer a complete solution with 3D or 2D to their customers. Then we connect your shop to our European Retail Network and you can sell abroad.

Together with the certified hardware, software and close cooperation with specialized strategic partners in the European digital signage industry, we offer the latest technologies to be used for visualization of information, film and images in any business and market arena.

Examples of Implementation for your business:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Airports and Hotels
  • Cinema lobbies
  • Animal and Amusement parks
  • Sports arenas
  • Any high traffic area.
  • Corporate building lobbies
  • Show rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Exhibition halls/Trade shows
  • Retails stores
  • Medical and Scientific imaging
  • Simulation
  • Design and Prototyping (CAD)
  • Architecture and Interior design

3D displays are available in different sizes, resolutions, orientation and viewing distances, size from 21 to 55. Outdoor 3D advertising, exhibitions and marketing in huge dimensions glasses-free 3D video walls in various configurations, such as 3×55” (totem) and 2×2 (110″).



You can also Integrate 3D displays in your 2D digital signage network using a certified content management system CSM and a media player software we provide.

Contact B2Baltic team to discover all the 2D or 3D digital signage facilities, hardware and software, for your business. You can ask for digital signage application in your shop and connect your shop to our European Retail Network to sell your products on foreign markets as well.



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