Artificial Intelligence to drive your next campaign.

(article updated November 2017)

High ROI focused intelligence service for brand managers, advertisers and publishers in the Nordics, Baltics, Russia, Germany, willing to invest at least 1.900,00 euro using mathematics, not just advertising (N.B. for less expensive advertising we recommend to use B2Boost Professional option from 490,00 EUR). B2BALTIC is a populated smart community that uses technology everywhere, also in advertising because we take it seriously. Unique reports provide total transparency into what made your advertising campaign work, enabling intelligent decision-making.

The technology has been developed by data scientists focused on anonymous user profiling and audience modelling. At the heart of this technology stack is a real-time audience/media platform. Designed to help agencies reach the demanding goals set by advertisers.

A team of software developers and engineers work closely with data scientists using advanced mathematics, artificial intelligence and predictive modelling techniques to create new market-specific algorithms that drive performance.

Reach audiences by targeting properly.

Interest & Intent:

Audience profiles from over 2000 segments – some of them are very niche, then they have been mapped into 31 Standard Audience Segments. These have large numbers of users in the most popular advertiser categories.


IP-based data enables local targeting by city, town and post code.


Inferred demographics are developed from site visits over time that suggest a specific gender or age group.


Using keyword, conceptual and semantic analysis to identify relevant content URLs.

Business type:

Organization database that generates 20 SIC categories for targeted B2B campaigns.


Allows re-messaging of site visitors.

Campaign optimization using artificial intelligence, advanced mathematics and computer intelligence advertising, use the brainmodelling techniques.

This technology enables our client´s brands to benefit from the elaborated portfolio of real-time, cluster-targeting advertising systems that protect user privacy. Automate online advertising processes and decision-making by mirroring human expertise and experience.

Campaign Reporting.

We provides a range of dashboards and reports that providing real-time feedback and post-campaign analysis on a variety of user and campaign data.

  • Site visitor data – including interest and intent profiling;
  • Prospecting, KPI behavioral profiles and 2×2 performance reports;
  • Quartile viewed and social sharing;
  • Performance of a campaign to selected branding metrics (allows us to optimize during the campaign);

Brand Safe and user privacy as priority.

We want our advertisers and clients to know that their campaign will only appear on brand-safe sites. We are dedicated to the highest standards of consumer privacy and brand protection and our partners are active members of IAB’s certificationBehavioral Targeting Council and awarded JICWEBS DTSG as set of best practice standards aim to minimize the risk of display advertising placement on inappropriate content. Moreover, we protect our publisher´s premium rates by preventing  them direct sold advertisers from accessing their inventory through exchanges.

Connect with customers

Branding campaigns sit right at the top of the purchase funnel – where it’s all about finding prospects and driving them down the funnel.


Targeting & Segments

Real-time profiling technology develops thousands of per-qualified behavioral segments: interest, intent, demographic, location and more. Contact us on Facebook or apply below to get a free quote.

Creative solutions

To boost branding campaigns, we can produce any kind of engaging, rich media creative. Each is developed and built individually based on client needs.

Video Strategy to drive more to your site

A Media Player and Video Management Platform allows video and ad formats containing video to be distributed. This can be also connected with B2BALTIC TV for broad station sharing. One video can be uploaded and immediately be available as part of a display ad campaign, on your website, Facebook page, smartphones, and affiliate networks.

Ask the community for a free quote:

N.B. privacy and policies: all terms and conditions inclusive legal disclaimers, privacy policy and cookies policy are publicly published on and (see page bottom). By sending message to B2BALTIC you approve the policies and how we handle your data confidentially always. B2BALTIC cares about members and guests.


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