Software Technology for Retail. Improve your shop!

B2Baltic provides high-tech and technology products dedicated to smartest retailers who want to improve the general work they do with their customers. B2Baltic is Europe-wide provider of facilities for the professional retail industry, from building new shops to connecting retail & distribution international networks, providing Digital Signage display advertising solutions in-door/out-door, led displays, POS and payment software.

Doesn´t matter whether you have a big street shop or an e-commerce online. You will enjoy more customer´s satisfaction, improving customer´s experience, planning, relationships, loyalty programs and presentations.

You are a street shop.

One of the biggest challenge is how to create loyalty in disloyal world?
We predicts your customers next purchases based on his/her past behavior and behavior of similar customers. Moreover, the software evaluates current customers environment or contexts which dramatically affect customers behavior. Perhaps John Smith prefers beer on sunny Friday afternoon shopping trip, though when the sky is cloudy wine becomes a standard pick for him.
customersatisfactionKnowing customers next purchases there are lots of possible ways to tell him thank you or offer him new though relevant products to try out not to mention the possibility to fight the customer back from your competitors. Last but not least precise knowledge of customers needs allows you to fight back the margins you have lost in constant discount wars with your competitors. The system personalizes product recommendations which you may use to offer different coupons to your customers via all the possible means: print coupons, coupons on receipts, push messages to mobile, emails, ect. Contact B2Baltic Software Team for details.

You are a e-commerce shop.

Mass marketing is dead. In the era of big data each shopper deserves a personal approach. According to Accenture 61% of shoppers would trade privacy to receive relevant offers. Our software will help you to generate more revenue and at the same time increase shopper satisfaction and loyalty. We provide personalized product recommendations in your webstore based on shoppers purchase or browsing history as well as evaluating external contexts such as weather conditions, time of the day and others. The system personalizes product recommendations in your webstore, email marketing including cart abandonment and behavioral targeting, mobile content and your private banners. Contact B2Baltic Software Team for details. You can also leave a comment on this page.

improve your shop


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