Jobs in B2Baltic Social Medias

We´d like to inform you that the JOB FEED is now active on all our social media business groups thanks a filtered integration with LinkedIn Professional Job Engine. There are online hundreds of jobs and positions offered in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark and other countries connected with our business gateways worldwide.

Ask to enter the groups you are interested in, to search for professional jobs: have a look at the menu GROUPS4U.

– If you are a company or HR Responsible just register it on B2Baltic™ and get facilities to find professionals.

– If you are a job seeker and you don´t find the right job for you or you want to work with B2Baltic United Business Networks Nordic, you can send us an unsolicited application and show your initiative here: just explain us where you´d like to work and live.

B2Baltic and main locations

In the whole Baltic area in Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Saint Petersburg, Warsaw, Berlin, Copenhagen, as well as in Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Vienna, Milan, Zurich, B2Baltic has thousands of registered companies which can offer you the right position you are looking for. Stay tuned!

Jobs categories

Mainly we have focused on the follow categories for the job feeds, which represent B2Baltic main fields: marketing jobs, retail, real estate, IT & high-tech, luxury, non-profit organizations.




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