The Riga Conference 2015. The Top Event in Baltic. Reserve your place or become Sponsor.

The Rīga Conference 2015, 6-7 November # Topics

• EU Role in the Rise of Geo-economics;
• NATO in Defence of Global Stability;
• Moldova, Belarus and Georgia;
• Strengthening Ukraine in Europe;
• Prospects of Russian Economy;
• How to Respond to the “New Generation” Warfare?
• Battling for the Minds: Propaganda in the Information Age;
• Future of Post Cold War International Order;

Furthermore, your participation in the most important conference event in the Baltic States will ensure your company promotion in national and international media outlets. Riga-Conference-Hall-2015Aim is that your company exposure will not only stimulate further investment in your business, but will assist you in promoting your company’s image to a group of opinion makers that play an active role in securing, governing and legislating for current and future governments throughout Europe and North America. Your presence also visibly promotes your own interests to policymakers, investors and business representatives from a range of countries and backgrounds.

The Riga Conference 2015 | Participants

400+ guests
50+ local journalists
30+ international journalists
35+ countries
40.000+ on-line audience
1.500.000+ total reach on the Internet via social media platforms



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