Share Your Next Business Event, or Product, Spread the Word everywhere you want (B2Boost of B2BALTIC Nordic Baltic Business Community)

Business-media initiative for smart B2B networking.

B2BALTIC™, the biggest and fastest growing Nordic Baltic Business-to-Business Community, also provides you with a B2Boosting free service to broadcast your event in a short time to different networks (B2BALTIC, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and related partner´s networks).

Two solutions: the first one free but powerful, the second one professional for B2B developers.

⇒Free B2Boost.

See Facilities Portal of and boost your event from today for free.

Professional B2Boost.

We are glad to provide you with this functional free B2B networking services thank the power of our Nordic/European B2B network. However, the free service are not always the right way for all companies. Therefore we also provide you with a event-boost professional service delivered by our sales & marketing team. We can select for you:

  • right audience, category and geographic target ;
  • sales pushing (e-mails, cold-calls, etc)
  • an article/interview built for you ad-hoc, adding it to B2BALTIC newsletter (over 40.000 decision-makers users of our B2B platforms);
  • posting on our media networks (from LinkedIn to Google+) by our experienced editors;
  • follow-up with the generated leads, qualification by sales department;
  • fair pricing tailor-made (from 190-1600 EUR for 1 month case study + active promotion, leads generation, event boosting, brand positioning, product launch, engagement);
  • quick service response.
Just fill-Up the fields to ask for a quote o price-list:


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