Nordic Baltic Revolution 2017: New Design & Tech for your commercial spaces, shops, offices.

B2BALTIC™ RETAIL HUB works with the team of Luxury Nordic Hub LNH for retail development, from construction to distribution.

The community is not just an Europa-wide store and logistic network of retailers, wholesalers, distributors and warehouses, but it is first of all specialized in construction and design restoration of shops with master designers and selected furniture suppliers members of B2BALTIC™.

B2BALTIC launched the renovation initiative since 2016 and ready for 2018: the new is that the request of restructuring of a show-room or commercial/office premises will make it promoted on the Retail Network for all the time during the membership in the community (and can be also a free membership!) .  That´s for sure an additional opportunity to increase export and sales local/global (perfect when you have an online shop – to get in touch with more potential online buyers). This is valid also for redesigning and elaborations outside Nordic/Baltic countries.

Luxury Nordic makes available also trade of luxury furniture, design and precious construction materials such as marble original from Italy. Therefore it makes possible to integrate selected elements and characteristic design into a work place.

Shopping centers

Shopping centers and malls have been built on a surface area of 100.000 m² with more than 80 shops and restaurants in the Nordics, around 140 shops in Germany and more than 70 shops in Italy. These projects claimed for high standards regarding integration of lighting and LED´s into the architectural structures. Various assembly technologies have been used to install aluminum profile systems.

You want to see more construction examples, also for Hotels, Spa, wellness centers, medical centers, ancient palaces, or ask for references? Learn more here and contact Luxury Nordic Hub or Janetschek & Partners (coordinator of the furniture/real-estate associates and network team leader).



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