B2BALTIC Growth Trend 2014-2015 Statistics: Still stronger in social media for B2B


Still growing B2BALTIC™ on social media for businesses. An overview of the growth trend from 1st January 2014 to 1st January 2016 by an outlook of our business users and the registered members.


and considering B2BALTIC´s 3 most popular LinkedIn groups of the social business network (B2BALTIC, DOING BUSINESS SWEDEN, DACH-I):groups-linkedin-statistics-stats-2014-2015

B2BALTIC has involved in 2014-2015 over 35 countries worldwide. During 2015 the “hot” topics managed by B2BALTIC B2B networks were the following: statistics-stats-B2BALTIC-main-topics-2015

Comparing Country Statistics 2014 and 2015

A sensitive growth of the activities was reported in Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy and USA during 2015, not excluding the growth in Sweden, Finland, Austria and UK.

Again in 2015 B2BALTIC was reported as most growing business-gateway between Italy and Baltic States thank the integration of the popular Italia-Baltico business club (ITALY2BALTIC founded in 2013) and the activity of the German-Italian network (DACH-I) with over 4500 active corporate members (1600 also members of our LinkedIn groups).


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