Nordics/Baltics constructors and master designers involved. Real-Estate time in B2BALTIC.

Target is redesigning a commercial spaces, show-rooms, offices, houses, shops, to comply with the new modern standard of safety, quality, beauty, organization and increased comfort factor.

This is the aim of the Swedish/Finnish team of Luxury Nordic Hub LNH, that has been integrates as facility of the Nordic Baltic community for innovation & smartcities B2BALTIC since 2016.

If you have a retail point, or a business with premises in one of our main cities (it might be also an own office with conference rooms – see B2B Office Exchange Program), you can ask to “re-think” your space and integrate your work in the community network. All our shops are part of the community as well. Design & networking the key of the Nordic hub. An opportunity for you as real estate owner.

Corporate headquarters, logistic centers, train stations, hospitals, hotels, luxury villas, Spas, middle-age castles, shop or mall, no matter what the object is. You would like to see all our community works in Europe, to overview a catalogue? Contact Luxury Nordic Hub LNH on Facebook to get in touch easy and fast, or leave a feedback to this article below.

Promoter of the initiative in the Nordic and Baltic countries is Janetschek & Partners (see page on LinkedIn with over 300 top followers)

To participate to the real estate operations of the community and be informed of all new events or initiatives, join the community as a member now (here free application for membership)


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