J&P with Nordics/Baltics constructors and master designers for restructuring real estate. Partner program for brokers/developers available.

Redesigning a commercial spaces, show-rooms, offices, houses, shops, to comply with the new modern standard Janetschek-partners-leading-innovation-definitive-2016of safety, quality, beauty, organization and increased comfort factor.

B2BALTIC recommends the German/Italian industrial group Janetschek & Partners (J&P) together with the Swedish/Finnish team of Luxury Nordic Hub LNH. What new with them? For example, if you have a retail point, a business or something like that, they integrate it inside their huge European network of businesses for free, you can share with others, find new clients.

Corporate headquarters, logistic centers, train stations, hospitals, hotels, luxury villas, Spas, middle-age castles are for those international guys not a problem at all. We have overviewed some of their performances around Europe together with master designers and suppliers from Italy, Germany, Lithuania. A partner program for brokers is done, apply for that.

J&P operate in the Nordics and Baltics, as well as in Russia. Worldwide on demand. Contact them directly, ask a quote for your case, ask more references.


Janetschek & Partners are also experienced in marble trading, design furniture, lighting, safety systems, domotic, as such it makes possible to integrate precious elements, technology and characteristic design into each new smart project.