SmartCity Invitation: Italia Baltico Club Conference in Italy Summer 2017

italia-baltico-big-logo-2017NEXT MEETING, Conference “SmartCity Innovation Sustainability Development” in Genova e Bologna (Reserve your place for free now, bring your smart brand).

Since the beginning Italia Baltico Business & Trading Club has been offered “as facility” to members of the Nordic Baltic Business Community B2BALTIC. The Club also met several agreements with institutional and non-profit entities in Italy involving University of Bologna, Alma Mater Foundation, Club In Federation in Milan and Genoa, Luxury Nordic Hub LNH and over 150 venture capitalists. There is also a LinkedIn group with over 1000 business members (past known as Italy2Baltic founded in 2013).

What does Italia Baltico Business Club mean and how does it work?

The Club involves venture capitalists, developers and entrepreneurs between Nordic/Baltic countries and Italy. A bi-directional trading bridge for import export, real estate investment, art & culture, design, business travels, event managements, conferences, expos, and fundraising. The love of the Nordic people for Italy and the growing interest of the Italian startups for the Nordic area have improved the trend. The Club provide the members and guests with B2B facilities: multi-language business support, company forming, startups launch planning, partner-attractions, market intelligence, free business networking online and in our exclusive structures, non-profit activities and charity, international diplomacy, export of top brands, job opportunities, the famous “Mentor Program Nordic”, academic teachers exchange. Guests are welcome. Membership is exclusive for certified businesses only.

Previous B2B meeting in Genova, Italy was on 6/4/2017. To join the next as guest, please register on time!


GENOVA Italian Headquarter Noble Palace Imperiale (next when? join this list if you want to get notification and invitation by e-mail, or scan the first QR-code on the left); Informazioni dettagliate in lingua Italiana qui.

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