Estonia: participate within December 2017: take quick a share before public offer goes to crowdfunding!

Bring your brand to Tallinn and take a share in 1 week. Make it great from Estonia-to-World. Soon moved on public crowdfunding, be quick!

Smart startups in Tallinn, approved “B2BALTIC”, are ready to share in Nordic/Baltic. If you are entrepreneur with regional/global ambitions, if you have a smart product, and you want to be based in the smartest fast growing European city, then this is your startup-launch opportunity. Here the first:

#Location: Tallinn (Estonia).

#Status: early-stage in development.

#Certification: Certified premium member of B2BALTIC.

#Age: 1 year.

#History track: cleaned.

#Activity in launch: Crowdfunding, regional marketing and brokerage.

#Estimated yearly turnaround: 200.000-1.400.000 €.

#Portfolio: 8000 free businesses involved (>50% registered from the Nordic/Baltic area).

#Actual shareholders: 2 senior partners, Msc, avarage business experience >22 years.

#Member of: Doing Business Sweden, LNH Luxury Nordic Hub, J & P, B2BALTIC Allianz, German-Italian Club, Italia Baltico Trading Club, Startups Hub Nordic of B2BALTIC. Estonian Business Register, Alma Mater Foundation.

What for you? You can:

  • participate in the core business;
  • get equity share and receive next dividends;
  • bring 1 of yours specific existing product/brand inside to launch;
  • spend days in beautiful Nordic countries as long as you can;
  • start immediately smart international business using the portfolio and plenty of regional Nordic/Baltic connections;

What the startup offer you:

  • developing sales & marketing for you product for free on the own regional and global networks;
  • full integrate your own product/brand into the startup core;
  • working with top international professionals, GO/NGO, local hubs and B2B geeks;
  • receiving 14% global shares.
  • a premium membership to B2BALTIC the Nordic Baltic Trading Community.


  • you apply not later than December 2017.
  • your product is worth, with global ambitions, and related to one of the following fields: real estate, biomedical/pharma, social media marketing, luxury equipment, furniture, art, design, educational, people-care, smartcities tools, high-tech, human-resource management.
  • your fix one-time contribution to enter 4.840,00 € (notary/State expenses are inclusive).
  • co-investing in the business development is not necessary, no private funding required.
  • Good English and business know-how are required.

(Attention! we have been receiving many applications for this startup from May 2017. Within December 2017 we will make decision to let one new shareholder enter the board and get private equity)

Other B2B opportunities in Estonia (update October 2017).

  • 6 commercial real estate investments in the city of Tallinn;
  • 1 smart high-tech gps startup with proved success track, looking for investor (1.600.000,00 € required);
  • 1 startup with proved success record of its smartphone-app, looking for investor (650.000,00 € required);
  • 1 business for sale full/partial: top producer of load chains, chain slings, wire, rope slings and many other lifting and lashing products. Sales increased 17% last year. In the first quarter of 2017, sales have increased 5% compared to the same period in 2016. The company has established a stable and diversified customer base.
  • 1 pharma tech-startup project, by a top worldwide developer of software for pharma industries. Proved success records worldwide. Top business portfolio pharma worldwide. Business plan available (2.500.000 € required for 25% share);

Why investing in startup in Estonia and Tallinn?

Startups Funding in Estonia

Startups Funding in Estonia 2006-2016 (mln €)

There are several opportunities to use the smartest and coolest European startup place Tallinn, you can contact our support to receive further opportunities of safe investments in “new-concept” startups, “old-economy” companies or commercial real estate/assets. Venturebeat listed Tallinn in 2017 as “best startup ecosystem of the North East”. There are almost 30.000 startups operating in Eastern Europe. Most of them target the global market and develop their products in English, getting revenues from Western European and US customers. The capital of Estonia was home to unicorns like Skype, fintech star Transferwise, GrabCAD, Pipedrive. Tallin is like a “brand”, recognizable among venture capitalists from all over the world. Rank #12 in the world for ease of doing business, according to The World Bank: better than Germany, Netherlands and Emirates. The cost-based Estonian tax system with its flat rate of 21% is considered one of the most unique and simple tax regimes in the world. Corporate income tax on profit distribution: 21% (21/79 net). Capital gain tax 21%. Branch tax 21%. Withholding tax on dividends 0%. Land tax 0.1-2.5%. VAT 20%, 9%

or 0%. Personal income tax 21%. Social security tax: 33%.

Estonia and real estate investments: valuable and convenient.

Where many office and retail properties currently still trade at 8% yields and industrial and logistics 9% yields.
The transaction volume of commercial property, having peaked at 1 billion euros annually for the Baltic countries during 2006-2007 has recovered to roughly 500 million euros a year. Estonia, being in Northern Europe and neighbor to Sweden and Finland, with their commercial property markets being the most liquid in Europe, is expected to be the fastest to

converge with the Nordic markets, followed by Latvia and Lithuania. The average transaction costs in Estonia do not exceed 3% of the property value, thus being twice lower than the European 6% average. The unique system Estonia`s 0% of corporate income tax on undistributed corporate profits has serious accumulative benefits for the investors and has strengthened the capitalization of local commercial banks. In addition, the Tax Foundation International Tax Competitiveness Index rated Estonian tax system in general as the most competitive among the OECD countries. From the Estonian Statistics Institute: in 2015-2016 the average price of real estate objects grew faster than the number of transactions. The rise in prices was mainly driven by transactions made with new apartments and commercial real estate. Estonia also ranks in the top 30% of European countries with the best payment discipline, which gives assurance that the purchase yield will turn into the actual cash flow expected by the property owner. If viewed as a region – Estonia combined with Finland, Latvia and Lithuania , about 3 billion euro annual commercial property transaction volume.

Estonian e-resident.

The possibility to become an e-resident of Estonia started in December 2014 in Tallinn, the first country in the world to offer such thing globally, brings additional benefits of being able to establish a company and transfer funds online regardless of location, which helps to run down management costs significantly. B2BALTIC offers in Estonia opportunity to apply to the program and become business member of the Nordic Baltic Community B2BALTIC. The first hassle free government to opt in! Estonia is known for being a pioneer of e-government, where its people get most of their formalities with government done from home laptop. It relies on three central key elements: the government verified electronic identity (E-Estonia ID card), decentralized automatic exchange of data between all public databases called the X-Road (The Estonian X-Road) and advanced legislation that gives electronic identity and digital signature very strong standing and nationwide standard. On that base most of the popular e-government services function (e-voting, e-tax, establishing LLC online in 20 minutes, digital prescription etc, etc) and have achieved such massive penetration in the population.

Growth in the population of the capital city Tallinn.


Direct investments retail/logistic comparing with Baltic States regions.

Public Debt in Europe: Estonia most convenient.

Other B2B Support in Estonia for members and guests.

  • launch a new startup in Estonia: company forming and setup, accounting, bookkeeping;
  • launch an event: business event, music concert, conference, expos;
  • become member of the Nordic Baltic Business Community and start Nordic tradin;
  • become e-resident in Estonia and join the hub B2BALTIC for smartcities and innovation;

Questions about these ESTONIAN startups, ask B2BALTIC Community:

(*) our community policies are public


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