B2BALTIC ✌YOUTH for over 16: you don´t stay out if you want to develop your country in the future

B2BALTIC Community does not want to keep young generations out of the opportunity of developing their own initiative to improve the country where they live, or where they want to live. Moreover it is important that youth prepare themselves for the professional world, thereby tailor-made networking events for them are our aim in B2BALTIC ✌YOUTH. From 2018 the Nordic Baltic community will accept young women and men interested in the community activities related to urban, smart- and digitalcities, trade, international relationships, startups, ideas, environmental, social development for profit and non-profit. Giving a chance for professional networking. Smart people, from 16 to 23 years of age, are welcome to join us. However, to remind, B2BALTIC is a “senior” business community in the average for the over 37, and the permission to operate, communicate, network and transaction inside the community is possible only from the age of 18. Sharing/exchange is possible in B2BALTIC only from the age of 23 still. For the under 18, also according to the new European regulations for data processing, a written permission from the parents or from an authorized adult relative is necessary. The community might organize special events together with governance or non-governance institutions. The director of the Youth Hub for the Baltic States is searched, would you like to apply and create professional event ad-hoc? Contact us on Facebook, and do not forget the first step, apply to join now B2BALTIC community!


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