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B2Baltic-BalticaPartners-togetherWhat is it?

B2Baltic, the fastest growing trading hubs network in Sweden, Finland, Western Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, gateway with German countries (D-A-CH) and Italy. Our team also started in spring 2014 a LinkedIn group which became the biggest of the Baltic area. Turned 5000 guests after 16 months from the launch. Guests are welcome to talk about our main topics 2015: real estate development retail-oriented, research & financing, tech start-ups, import export, social projects for childcare and eldercare. The popular subgroups are:

Which benefit is gained by using this blog directory?

You can use our popular LinkedIn group plus this blog page to promote your business, brands and projects, looking for new clients, local business partners or investors, to offer special job positions and find professionals, partners or agents to work with. However the post on a close LinkedIn group doesn´t provide search engine support. The listing on this blog page will increase automatic the rank and popularity of your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc instead: as you know, the more sites contain the link to your site, the more it will generate more traffic on your site.


  • Total Security and Business Efficiency is here!
    How do You think – how this geopolitical moment impacts you personally and your business? Is there any concerns about motivators going down to basics? If there is place for thought then we can deliver you solutions. (www.wifialarm.lv) Shortly – everyday security (as alarms, video surveillance, access control) It gives less misappropriation both from outside and inside, in terms of money and time. If you are multinational business manager – boost your efficiency with remote sites control and monitoring as you would be present there!
    Need more ideas for your projects? Insights? Contact us…

  • Our customized programs provide a cost effective solution for administrative needs and encompass any task which can be managed or coordinated by using today’s technology. We can arrange travel and hospitality for you and your clients or VIP guests including transportation services, private trips, flights, accommodations and entertainment. We can also coordinate business retreats, such as the ones incorporating team building, cultural events, and customized tours around Lithuania. Search and arrangement of any services from different vendors makes this list endless.
    If you haven’t found a relevant service on our web site (www.stay.lt), contact us for a free of charge consultation and we will find a solution that works for you.

  • If you are interested to become an agent for MERÏKH leather bags, please contact us for further information

  • Together with the Russian business daily “Vedomosti”, the WU Executive Academy (Vienna, Austria) is awarding partial scholarships for the Global Executive MBA program 2015.

    WU Executive Academy (Vienna, Austria) with the information support of the business daily Vedomosti is awarding partial scholarships for the Global Executive MBA program 2015, offered by the WU Executive Academy – Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria in cooperation with the Carlson School of Management – University of Minnesota, USA.

    Partial scholarships are offered for the Global Executive MBA:
    ∙ Each partial scholarship amounts to 7,000€
    ∙ Total scholarship tuition fee to be paid by the scholar is 35,000€
    ∙ Regular tuition fee for the Global Executive MBA is 42,000€

    Vedomosti Scholarship – Application
    If you want to apply for the Vedomosti Scholarship, please contact emba@wu.ac.at in order to get further instructions.

    Application Deadline
    Application deadline for the Vedomosti scholarships is February 28, 2015

  • kitchen appliance(Gas Cookers&Range Hoods) Supplier from china,please contact us

  • Job offer: We currently have an excellent opportunity with my Company, for a Head of Footwear Service Sales for the Eastern Region of US. All those interested please send across your most updated resume to etaylor@impactiva.com.

  • Over 1 year we have textile company in Kyiv. We have very good quality and best price in various products such as towels, bathrobes, spa towels, baby towels, child bathrobes, hotel towels and hammam collections. If you would like to inform about our high quality products please dont hesitate to contact with me,
    Best Regards,
    Nurkan Nur / FORIMPEKS

  • Baltic countries have a very valuable asset; I’d even call it the “Baltic gold” with its high ratio of people with bachelor and master degrees plus being fluent in 2-3 languages. How do you think it’s possible to let investors in the pharma field to know about it and encourage them to start a company in Tartu or Riga, or Kaunas for example?

    Outsourcing of post-approval regulatory activities could be one of the opportunities. How a middle-size biopharmaceutical western European company can significantly reduce their post-approval regulatory cost? By outsourcing in the Baltics, where level of expertise is the same as across EU and Common European Submission Platform has made it possible to submit from Tartu to far away Portugal with just one mouse-click! By Svetlana Suhorukova DOING PHARMA IN NORDIC AND BALTIC

  • If someone is interested in learning about Latvia, please let me know. There is an interesting property on the market that I would like to bring to your attention

  • You are an experienced sheet metal professional. You are flexible and able to work independenly. As a customer service minded person you come along well with all kind of people in Estonian, Russian and English language. Travelling is not a problem for you and you like to understand your customers business ideas. You have a good knowledge of tools and machines for punching, bending and joining of sheet metal. You are responsible for the business development of our products in Estonia. You are providing productivity boosting solutions from the best suppliers in the field which means a close co-operation with your customers. We are offering an interesting job in the front line of the metal industry with the newest technology. You will have a strong support from our organization and our suppliers. You will have the tools for an efficient mobile sales work. You will be trained by us and by our suppliers abroad.

  • Visit our page at http://www.akadas.lt and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. We specialize in mass production of Garden and Outdoor Furniture. We are more then 20 years in a market and combining our knowledge and experience we are trusted supplier for top 20 European furniture market players. We will be in Spoga Gafa 2014 and I am looking forward to meet you there. As for now – let me know your email address and I will forward you our newest catalog for 2015 collection.

  • Welcome to EXPAND LATVIA!
    The biggest OTG event in Latvia ever!

    We would like to invite you to have an amazing day with some of the successful leaders from Europe that are coming to Riga to share their experience and excitement about the global trends and business opportunities with ageLOC and OTG.

    The goal is to open the Baltic markets during 2015 and we are looking for local leaders.
    Are you businessdriven and with a big passion to help other people?
    Then this opportunity might be for you and timing is everything

    When: Saturday 15 November
    Where: Hotel Radi un Draugi, Marstalu iela 3, Riga, Old Town

    Please connect with me on Facebook and I will send you full details about the event
    Links: http://www.ageloc.com

    Best regards
    Robert Axelsson

  • Natalia Ganopolskaya

    FinLift-K LLC (member of FLK Group, Ukrainian-Lithuanian Engineering company) is looking for partners to export Ukrainian building materials, instruments and engineering services.Our core businesses are lift and escalator industry ( supply and installation), smart home applications, supply of glass foam, export of natural stone and other raw materials. Do not miss a chance to get construction materials with exclusively competitive price!

  • Are you a foreign manufacturer of B2B goods or a service company? Are you interested in Russian B2B clients? Do you aspire to enter the Russian market? Do you see the demand for your product in Russia, but do not know how to effectively build a potent marketing strategy to attract more customers?

    I am glad to announce the free White Papers “How can a foreign company enter the Russian B2B market? Effective B2B marketing strategies in Russia” – http://russia-promo.com/landing_whitebook/

  • Our client – printing-house is looking for a sales partner (small company or person) and/ or clients who are interested in selling printing services (Offset printing, Creasing, Perforating, Punching, Folding, etc.) or who is looking to have a reliable partner for printing jobs. If interested, you can contact me (jurgita@profesiniaikontaktai.lt). Also you can find more info on their website – http://www.taurapolis.lt

  • We offer good quality Baltic firewood packed in 2m3 crates and 40L Bags. We have ash, alder and birch, dried and fresh. Please contact us for details

  • MYPOSE – marketing tool
    We provide the marketing tool – a big touch screen camera. It can make your customer have fun and marketing your brand via their selfie pic. Check our website: http://www.mypose.fi or contact me: nhung.nguyen@mypose.fi for more info

  • Fernando Almeida

    Leather clothes. Jackets, leather to export made in Portugal. Please contact me for more details.

    • Am interested on your business and i will like to know more on it, looking for the business relationship.

      • Hi, I am looking for a business partner (investor) to open a body shaping studio for women in Sweden. I have a business plan and I have the experience in this kind of business.

  • We are commercial real estate sales and development agents in the Baltic States. Sell cash flow objects with ROI around 8-10%. Can also offer to invest in the long-term development projects (apartment buildings, rental buildings, manufacturing plants). Sell residential properties as well. Helping with the European Union’s temporary residence permits. Contact us for more details.

  • We are bedroom furniture manufacture from Latvia. We offer bedroom furniture out of oak, ash-tree and pine.
    We are renting out offices and warehouse in Miera 30, Salaspils, Latvia. Office space starting from 20 sqm till 2200 sqm. We have 40 000 sqm land for development. Potential building value 16 000 sqm of logistic center or small industry buildings. Contact us for more details.

  • Qubit combines all the technologies needed to deliver personalised web experiences. Our data layer, Universal Variable, gives you the foundation for personalisation. Discover, our segmentation layer allows you to find frustrated segments and identify site issues. Deliver, our personalisation layer, lets you serve, test and fix content to drive conversions. We believe that connecting these disciplines creates the most effective platform for a marketing and eCommerce to work from.

  • We offer M&A Advisory Services / Own Private Equity Investments from Germany for the Baltic States. Please contact us for more details (webpage in German language).

  • JSC Professional Contacts (Human Recourse Management Centre) work as an external (outsourced) HR Management department of a company. Our service include: creating or improving of HRM strategy, staff searching and selecting, talent management, implementing or improving of motivating systems, employees’ development. We operate in Lithuania.

    If you have or are planing to have business in Lithuania, we are ready to become your partners in HR Management.

  • Looking to save efforts to build an effective and low-risk international logistics? Request a call from our team
    Quinto Logistics

  • Alice Ferreira

    We are a portuguese company,, that represents portuguese brands of shoes, we are looking for partners, distributors, agents to expand this brands to foreign countries. Plase contact us at alice_tomar@hotmail.com

  • Please have a look on http://www.perfekkosystem.pl . We are looking for possibilities to sell energy efficient, health, ceramic, prefabricated houses. We would like to cooperate with Architects and Building Companies. Please contact with me to send more details.

  • We are looking for importers/distributors/retail chains for Viaverde Lessinia’s products-an Italian cheese manufacturer coming from the northern mountain areas of Verona province, who would be interested to expand abroad. We are currently having amazing success in Italy and Romania and we need other retail stores or retail chains to expand abroad( the products are CE origin and certified by Verona Chamber of Commerce). You can find details on http://www.viaverde.tictail.com

  • Corporation possibility! Latvian company producing high quality, hand made bath cosmetic is looking for business partners, distributors, wholesalers, retailers or sales representatives!
    For more information on becoming a Eko Bee Ltd partner, please contact us by phone +371 20 77 5555 or sending an e-mail.

  • Daniel Janetschek

    Swiss franchising format, with innovative genetic + biotech + biomedical approach to medical beauty. Please contact me for more details in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Germany, Denmark.

  • Do you need a dealer in the Baltics? CLE Baltic – The Link of Progress in Your Network (original text)

    Our expert knowledge lies in sheet metal; tools, methods, planning, consultation and service. We know this business. We are constantly up to date with the latest progress trends and innovations. We acknowledge the crucial needs of your production.
    Our networked way of operating produces plenty of additional value that makes us a valuable partner for your company. Our offices are located in Hanko, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Our activity started in 1977

  • Nikita Kulikov

    Very good retail premises for rent near harbor in Tallinn
    Lootsi location ensures visibility and accessibility with easy access to road, tram, and ferry transportation. It is situated at the major footpaths between the ferry port and the old town. Free areas on first, second and third floor.Rent is starting from 10 EUR/m2, utility costs 2 EUR/m2 and includes all expenses.

  • EP-TeQ: Design tools, Manufacturing machines, Test equipment and Consultancy for Electronics Manufacturing.
    EP-TeQ can help you with Design tools, Manufacturing machines, Test equipment and the related processes. More than 30 Years of experience in this business enables us to find the best tools and machines on the World Market. Adding service, support and consultancy enabled us to be a long term established supplier for the largest as well as medium/small Electronics Companies in our Region. We’re also happy to help your company with most of your challenges in Electronics – just let us know.

  • Are you interested in importing electronic equipment for the reception of TV signals in your country?
    We produce electronic equipment for the reception of TV signals.
    We are an Italian company interested in export of antennas, power supplies, amplifiers, metal supports, telescopic poles and more… Contact us!

  • Mario Kaiser

    Fine Marbles
    I’m a CEO of a Swiss company that manufactures marble.
    Among these we have the exclusive production of AZUL Macaubas, unique in the world.
    We are looking for architects and builders interested in buying at the price of the quarry.

  • Mario Kaiser

    A fabulous Petrus collection of 51 bottles of every vintage from 1959 to 2011. 144 000 € EXC for the all collection

  • Ivan Krause

    Web-studio services for companies. Professional IT-team offering qualified services for any company needs.
    More information about or studio you can find on our web-page: http://aidearum.com/
    Please visit our group in LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/associatio-idearum-oü
    Registered in Estonia, Associatio Idearum OÜ Reg. nr. 12583283

  • Frank Wölfel

    I am a SAP Consultant for Logistics. I am happy to enlarge my network.

  • Alain André Bützberger

    Have once a look at http://www.bluescan.org . Maybe there is something of interest for both of us. BlueScan® – the new all-in-1 modular solution BlueScan® zählt und erhebt auf anonyme Art Ihre Kunden, Besucher und verbessert die Leistung von Städten, Arealen, Projekten, Immobilienverwaltungen, Einkaufszentren, Shops, Fussgängerzonen, Bahnhöfen…

  • http://lnkd.in/bQwD2Rn
    Looking for investor, 15% are available We work in interactive media
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96vKeGHVxWQ&feature=youtu.be&t=25s Looking for investors to move to next level in Europe our latest project

  • Daniel Janetschek

    Become Sponsor of this Sporty-Diplomatic-Economic Initiative: FIRST GOLF EVENT IN LATVIA
    Dear Baltic and Nordic members, I´d like to support here on B2BALTIC network this initiative, looking for smart sponsors: A great team of private and public sector individuals has been working very hard to make a very special event happen, the biggest sports event in Latvian history…we are in the home stretch of bringing the first professional GOLF EVENT to Latvia! This historical event is scheduled for September 8th and 9th at The Ozo Golf Club, Riga, Latvia. This is an historic opportunity.

  • Daniel Janetschek

    Non-Profit activities to promote in Baltics? Please let us all know and post it here below.
    If you are already contributing to a non-profit social activity and you have a concrete idea or request in mind good for people, senior, young, family, disabled, innovation, reconstruction, environment, or for new businesses/start-ups opportunities those which are able to create new work places also for those persons who don´t have a master or special education, please let us all know and post here below that you´d like to ask for. The best ideas and proposals will be posted also in other regional networks for Nordics and Baltic.

  • Mario Kaiser

    Edutech startup in Tallinn
    Dear Baltic members, we are developing edutainment games for children and the tech around them (parent module, 2D engine) and are currently looking for partners in the edu tech sector. Please let me know if you’re interested to talk or meet in Tallinn or Helsinki, or give a look at our one-pager.

  • Estonian Display Technology Startup Investment Opportunity.
    Visitret Displays, an Estonian company with excessive support of top display industry experts from US, has developed an e-paper technology (first prototypes ready, extremely low power and low TCO displays suitable for large size out-door signage and billboard advertising applications). The company’s research activities have been seed funded by Est and UK investors and by different Estonian and EU grants.The fundraising in size of 750k-1,3M EUR is expected to be closed for the end of Q2 2014. Please contact me for further info.

  • Mario Kaiser

    Looking for beverage distributors for a new European energy drink without Taurina.
    We are looking for retailers, wholesalers, distributors for our client a certified new energy drink (without Taurina) producer. Interesting partner fees program. If you are interested in our premium brand please contact me.

  • Mario Kaiser

    Do you have an API, medical device or IVD product that in is development? Consider using Medfiles- a local expert in the Nordic & Baltic market with over 26yrs track record. Check out http://www.medfiles.eu


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