Community Profile.

“Innovation and development are valuable when they really make sense for our society not just personal” (DJ)

What is B2BALTIC?

It is the active Nordic Baltic innovation community and “Think-Tank” of the modern B2B. Based on investments and volunteer work of people with heart and love for development of our regional and global society. It has been built for people, not just for profit. It is YOURS and for YOU right now. Just to use and enjoy, starting for free. Includes Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, involving Western-Russia, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland (thank DACH network) and Italy (through Italy Baltic Trading Club) market places. The rich Nordics and the emerging North-East (Baltic States) are also since a few years the most suitable “start point” for distribution as well as for new businesses setting-up with global ambitions.


Why you should join B2BALTIC?

The power of the community and synergies between members and guests helps every Nordic and Baltic company to reach its full international potential, and companies from all over the world to reach their potential by investing in the Nordic welfare and in the fastest growing emerging North-East.  Why you should stay outside the community and alone, not sharing with others your product or personal competence? The community has relations to top B2B networks, clubs and consortium in Europe 50.000 business users worldwide, over 10.000 group members on its famous LinkedIn group, 4.000.000 businesses in its circle. B2BALTIC broadcasts your voice and spread your word around, sharing specific products to specif members to facilitate your trade. It starts helping you for free


What´s its support core?

  • submission of your profile, product page, event page, brand page or video content;
  • trading import-export tasks;
  • legal support / attorney, when you trade in our group of countries;
  • realestate transactions, business-for-sale transactions, search for buyers/sellers;
  • commercial realestate development, construction, restructuring with our best designers no board and top retailers;
  • crowdfunding or support of your existing fundraising campaign;
  • startup launch with market entry;
  • event boost;
  • internationalization process and translations; 
  • advertising regional Nordic/Baltic or global;
  • market intelligence and research;
  • mentoring and corporate training;
  • personnel search, human resources;
  • people-care, charity, non-profit development;
  • advanced digital services, web applications, high-tech, digital signature;
  • submission of a complaint about a business or a public regulation you don´t like.

Do I get benefits?

Operating and promoting your business in the community always increases your audience and generates new business-partners, supporters/fans, potential leads and buyers. Of course it depends on you, how you approach the community and accept the sharing attitude, how much do you listen to the tips of the advisors. If you are not used to doing so or not have clear ideas of what you want, you can always ask us specific events boosting or product launches. B2BALTIC shares with you the success of the whole network and help you build your international market. You save tax and time. You may also want to start a new challenging life in very attractive beautiful regions or travel much more than before. A system also distribute your video contents to members starting for free.


What does the community expect from you?

Internet and online social medias has become in the last 10 years extremely powerful and helpful in doing business. The community expects that you use your social accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Blogs, Pinterest, YouTube etc to share at least sometimes the community contents or members´ contents. Do you know, the community and the others usually do the same when they notice such activity from you.  A robot monitors all the activities and reward the most active members. Moreover, it is also important that you increase gradually the quality of your contents, also adding videos. You have a great product, or you have plenty of experience, so just use the new channels to marketing yourself.


Who manages B2BALTIC?

The managing team consists of developers, engineers, facilitators, lawyers, traders, experienced international sales & marketing directors, volunteers, editors, and non-profit executives. Community responsible and public moderator is since 2014 Daniel (DJ) Janetschek. He is from industrial engineering development as well as is experienced marketing coach and advertising professional since 2000. His team has distinguished itself  as most active worldwide promoter of the Baltic and the Nordic regions, reaching the highest level of memberships also on professional networks like LinkedIn. He says: B2BALTIC is not just a trendy business community. It represents a new vision of the business and communications, devoted to those people oriented to making cities and countries a better place using new tools for innovation, new bridges and firstly a new mind. Old-economy style is still alive but it is like a crashing zombie“.


How much does B2BALTIC cost?

B2BALTIC is a non-profit community no-money oriented but success-oriented. Services are offered for free , the platforms are financed by international investors. However the community involves specialists, private corporate members and professionals who might support you for specific cases to make sure you achieve your goals. The costs of assistance is depending on the number of work hours and persons needed. Quotes are for free. Frequently the community negotiates for you best offers and discount in your Business-to-Business. An yearly membership-fee might be applicable when you chose the effective membership (or premium membership) to get an assigned number of work hours to marketing during the year. Many members would like to get a dedicated focus. The community recommend you to work closer with the team to save energy, resources and time. Time is the most valuable thing you (we all) have.


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