Community profile, group ethic and social aim

“Innovation and development are valuable when they really make sense for our society not just personal” (Daniel Janetschek)

From interview with Daniel Janetschek of 1st November 2017, with 9 questions for him about the populated exchange community B2BALTIC . His answers have been edited. We have asked: what is B2BALTIC? Why should experts join B2BALTIC? What is the B2BALTIC? How can users obtain benefits? What does B2BALTIC expects from its members? What´s the problem or limit of B2BALTIC? What a suggestion to do it faster? (P. Eriksson)

What is B2BALTIC from the voice of the founder?


Daniel Janetschek, Founder of the community

You are B2BALTIC. You are already, and doing frequently “exchange” even daily, for example of type B2B or B2C, you know. So the real question is who you are and why you land here? Let´s describe a bit yourself and tell me if you agree with this description. You are either an active business professional, entrepreneur, or non-profit geek, or both. You like creating more international bridges, new relationships somehow profitable for your activity and your social mission, no matter if it is for money, for passion or for your own belief. You are self-motivated, you know what to do and what not. You got some new ideas, you want to change something in your world, or start a new project, or you have decided to tell the others more about your activities. That´s why you were here around, correct? You think, B2BALTIC is probably another advertising system, listing, or search engine. Not it is not. We have enough. I did still 14 years ago, got bored at the end, felt the need of much more. Of course you can do advertising in the community but we want more, and you too. You think, it is another non-profit that ask an yearly fee. No, it is not, although it connects several non-profit structures to each other for collaborations. We do clubbing but we are not a club. Yesterday they asked me if we are recruiters. Time before they asked if we are importers. Well, our members do that everyday and we help them. B2BALTIC Community is a regional hub, a bridge between B2B and Non-Profit world with a full new experimental type of approach and full focus on the fastest growing part of the Europe: the Baltic sea. A regional area with much in common at least in the DNA but full of historical, cultural and language differences. B2B and Non-Profit are as well two very complex realities interconnected together. Moreover, it is a network of super busy makers, hardworkers, self-motivated managers, hungry team players. This is our challenge. If you have an activity with a code in one of the Nordic Baltic-sea registers, you can obtain free facilities thank the international network strategies built by us for expert like you. If you are a guest coming from abroad, you can however profitably collaborate, get services, or invest, or join the board. We are always open to smart new entries. It includes Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, Baltic-Russia (Saint Petersburg), plus our gateway countries Norway, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, thank Doing-Business-in-Sweden Network, DACH-I Network and Italy-Baltic Trading Club. B2BALTIC is not just a virtual interface. It is real enough that you can physically meet and handshake. It represents a “think-tank” of these discussed modern times. We have interviewed so many entrepreneurs and experts in so many cities. We had business breakfast, and visited their offices, to check their activities better, to meet the board. Hundreds of times. It took years of hard PR work. It actually started for me about 18 years ago with meeting other entrepreneurs and listen to them. We believe that human contact is very important. However, we don´t discard a skype conferences or webinars we frequently organize. B2BALTIC is based on investments and volunteer work of managers, venture capitalists, or geeks, with heart and love for development and society, with vision of the future. It has been built for people, their exchange, but not just for profit. It is YOURS. You can use it, enjoy your membership and free facilities whenever possible, contribute for a better community, help social grow, talk and share, buy and sell, assist the others and ask the others to assist you. Here it is the place where you are allowed to be louder. Yes you can.

Why you should join B2BALTIC?

The power of the community and the synergies between members help every Nordic and Baltic structures to reach its full international potential, and entities from all over the world to reach their potentiality by working in the Nordic welfare and in the fastest growing emerging North-East. The community sponsors you. You might be willing to answer this question: Why you should stay outside the community and alone, not sharing with other members your project or initiative? The community has relations to several networks, clubs and consortium in Europe involving over 50.000 corporate users worldwide, about 20.000 group free approved members, 4.000.000 entities in its circle, including distributors, shops, hotels, NGO associations. B2BALTIC broadcasts your voice and spread your word around, sharing specific projects to selected key-members to facilitate your work and ambitions. The community also give more power to your voice, for example when you don´t like some rules, commercial regulations in your country, you can send us an official letter of compliant. Your tips can help the society and everybody.

What´s the B2BALTIC support core?

  • submission: of your corporate profile and professional links pf your activities in the community, for businesses, non-profit NGO, public and private sector;
  • trade: import-export tasks with or without market research;
  • legal: support lawyers, attorney-at-law , accounting, when doing business in our group of countries;
  • realestate: exclusive club, transactions, business-for-sale transactions, search for buyers/sellers;
  • commercial realestate: development, construction, restructuring, design furniture and luxury elements, safety/energy/air/automation systems;
  • crowdfunding: support of your existing fundraising campaign, investor search for your project, networking with investors (experimental)
  • startup: launch with market entry, market expansion;
  • boosting: events, brands, services, corporate press, initiatives, videos, films;
  • internationalization: processes, coaching, translations of documents/sites, printing facilities; 
  • full advertising: regional Nordic/Baltic or global campaigns on demand, on internet, TV, WebTV, paper, exclusive magazines, social medias, or mixed with intelligence-adv based on mathematics;
  • market intelligence: research with interviews of key persons;
  • sales & marketing: sales expansion, new business development, brand positioning, press issues, regional or international marketing, marketing networking;
  • mentoring: enterprise training, coaching service, shareholding;
  • interviewing: B2B leaders, changers, and decision makers for B2BALTIC TV;
  • personnel search: human resources, head hunting, services for recruiting consultants;
  • people-care: charity, non-profit development especially for kids, seniors, disabled persons;
  • advanced digital services: web applications, high-tech, digital signature, enterprise software, virtualization, data centers improvement, tech networking;
  • submission of a complaint: about a business or a public regulation you don´t like, your proposal to change and make it better.

How do I get benefits exactly from B2BALTIC?

“Mathematically” consider that working with others, operating and promoting your activity in the community always increases your audience and generates new partnerships, supporters/fans, potential leads and buyers, or even sponsors. Now you have the stage to launch yourself as corporate person, business or association. But of course it depends on you, how you approach the community, how you deal with the others on internet platforms and in real life, and how you improve your sharing attitude as social skill. It plays a role how much you challenge yourself and believe in new gates. If you are not used to broadcast yourself or not have clear ideas of what you want from your work life, you can always ask the community some specific event-boosting or product-launches made by specialists. Experts we have, and we have you too. Our private partners and community suppliers are quite competent and verified, like you. B2BALTIC shares with you the success of the whole network and help you build your international bridge. You save tax and time. You may also want to start a new challenging life in very attractive beautiful regions or travel much more than before. A new system also distribute your video contents to selected members starting for free, that´s more than just a benefit. Who else is doing that for you today? B2BALTIC does.

What does the community expect from you to help you grow better?

Internet, web-tv and online social medias have become in the last 7 years extremely powerful and helpful in doing work. The community expects that you use your social accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Blogs, Pinterest, YouTube etc to share “at least sometimes” your own contents (your initiatives, events better than just advertising), and you comment or leave a feedback on the contents of the other members. The moderators and the members usually do the same when they notice such activity from you.  A robot monitors all the activities and assign points to the most active members. You will need the points later to participate to activities, win prize 2018/2019 or get invitations to conferences or networking-events!). However, to be an active member you don´t need to push weekly contents to the B2BALTIC networks. We expect that you don´t overload the hub, and you improve your smart contents, making them more exclusive, regionally focused, attractive with some nice medias, right languages. English is the recommended first language of the hub, please keep it into account. Swedish the second allowed language. Russian is popular but hard for the new comers and new generation of manager. You have a great thing to share, or you have plenty of experience, so just use B2BALTIC Community stage to marketing better than before. This is valid for businesses as well as for non-profit. All kind of projects need marketing. You know, if you don´t market your product or idea, it will happen nothing.

What´s the problem of B2BALTIC?

There is a problem, not everything is perfect, and we gently ask you to remind it. B2BALTIC is a very busy community. Managers, community-members, as well as our partners are typically decision makers or full-busy professionals. This kind of persons who have a pretty busy scheduling, less time available. Then, we are very sorry to say, we cannot help everybody, we cannot accept all types of activities, we don´t consider many kind of new members´approach complying with our vision, social target and rules.  Moreover, the time for processing all the requests of “new memberships” is growing, because we aim to do our job better and better, we want to give you first advise, learning your activity firstly and thinking of a correct answer for your case (and that´s for free). It takes frequently already 1 hour human professional work just to read a single “new membership application”, verify and answer. Therefore unfortunately very frequent we cannot give you feedback on time to accept your new membership. We need to focus first of all on our old members and on talented entrepreneurs. We are humans, time is our enemy, resources are not unlimited. When we grant you access to the network as member, you need also to be active by yourself and to follow our instructions. If you are not active, then it will be hard to make your work noticed here. However, if we don´t answer you, you still have this chance: through your application you get a free “basic” membership which allows you to show-up on our social media accounts, share smart contents on our groups from immediately. But remind, we don´t accept everybody in our work-groups and we don´t support ghost accounts with no profiles, no ideas, no CVs, on LinkedIn, Twitter or our blogs. We apologize for these restrictions.

How much does B2BALTIC cost?

B2BALTIC is a community working with several non-profit associations as well as private businesses (members) associated that run profit-business. Therefore, you can figure out, the community has social skills and like working with entrepreneurs “success-oriented” or “people-oriented” instead just “money-oriented”. That´s the difference between a non-profit and full-profit world. Depending on your regions and topics, services are offered for free at the beginning: the community invest on YOU time and resource. The platforms are financed by angel investors. However the community involves specialists, private corporate members and professionals who might support you for specific cases to make sure you achieve your goals. The costs of assistance is depending on the number of work hours and type of experts you need. Quotes and first contacts with advisors (also attorneys-at-law) are generally for free. We do it for you. The community negotiates for you best offers and discount when you deal with the community partners or members. An yearly membership-fee might be applicable when you chose the effective membership (partnership or contribution). As member you normally like to get a dedicated focus on you. Correct? The community recommend you to work closer to save energy, resources and time. Time is the most valuable thing you (we all) have.

Who manages B2BALTIC?

The managing team consists of developers, engineers, facilitators, lawyers, traders, venture capitalists, experienced international sales & marketing directors, volunteers, editors, business journalists, and non-profit executives. Community responsible, public moderator and motivator is since 2014 Daniel Janetschek also named the DJ of B2BALTIC concert... He is mixed business and non-profit professional originally from industrial automation engineering development, moved to sales marketing coaching and advertising since 2000. His recent activity has distinguished itself as most active worldwide promoter of the Baltic and the Nordic regions.

Janetschek says “B2BALTIC is not just a trendy entrepreneurial regional community. It represents a visionary business-to-business approach. It is devoted to those people oriented to making cities a better place using new tools for innovation, but not forgetting the countrysides. Old-economy style is still alive, trade interest is big, but old systems are like crashing zombies. Entrepreneurs who don´t change now, they are just out of market within 10 years, no matter how much money they gained. When you are out, you are out. When you are in, you go on to next step and become part of the new

Some suggestions & tricks to do it faster?

One standard way, that´s the normal procedure we recommend to follow to be sure to stay in and not out. But there is at the moment also a fastest way (and even free still)

To join the community with your type of activity now and send us to our marketing your profile/targets as fastest as possible (long queue of requests)

 Alternative, fast way: if you have a professional video, product launch movie, film documentary or live-interview live available, just send the file to team to participate (free for SWE, FIN, EST, LV, LT, PL, DEN, plus NOR, D, and the city of Saint-Petersburg RUS)



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