B2Boost, spreading voice, boosting event, accelerating promotions, adverts

event-spread-voice-newsBusiness-media initiative for smart B2B networking. From Nordic to Global, and from Global to Nordic.

B2BALTIC™, the fastest growing Nordic Baltic Business-to-Business Community for smartcities & innovation, provides free members with its successful B2Boosting, much more than a fast advertising. Firstly, it takes just 3 minutes to get the free base membership to participate. It is for free or paid, as you wish, to broadcast your Nordic Baltic event, brand, press release, to spread your voice, or to launch a product to get results or increase audience, everything in a short time.

Two solutions: the first one free but powerful based on social business medias; the second one professional involving our B2B developers and communicators.

Free B2Boost (for free members or contributors only).


Active now: See Facilities Portal of B2BALTIC.org and boost your event from today for free.

Professional B2Boost (paid, valid also for non-members).

The community will select for you:

  • right audience, category and geographic target ;
  • sales pushing (e-mails, cold-calls, video-sharing, webinars, confcalls, etc)
  • an article/interview built for you ad-hoc, adding it to B2BALTIC newsletter (over 40.000 decision-makers are experiencing our B2B platforms);
  • posting on Nordic Baltic Media Networks (or worldwide on demand…) using our professional LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Adwords, everything done by our experienced sales & marketing media managers;
  • follow-up with the generated leads, lead-qualification by sales department and forwarding to your sales manager, PR/event manager or export manager.;
  • fair tailor-made pricing  (normally starting from 490 EUR for up to 3 month development, including case study + active promotion, leads generation, event boosting, brand positioning, product launch, engagement, partners attraction, all inclusive);
  • quick service response from our support through dedicated-channel;
  • (for higher budgets from minimal of 1900 EUR you can opt for the “intelligence advertising” a mix of the professional B2Boost plus the “mathematics” when you want to invest in campaign based on artificial intelligence ⇒see the press article about, just ask for a quote⇐).
ask for a quote:


N.B. privacy and policies: all terms and conditions inclusive legal disclaimers, privacy policy and cookies policy are publicly published on B2BALTIC.eu and B2BALTIC.org (see page bottom). By sending message to B2BALTIC you approve the policies and how we handle your data confidentially always. B2BALTIC cares about members and guests.



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