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B2BALTIC: Export Trends and Tips for 2016 by Daniel Janetschek

The bidirectional trade and the improvement of the business relationships with Russia have been confirmed and will go on with further important investments in Baltic according to the opinion of Daniel Janetschek, managing director of B2Baltic™. See article. The B2Baltic-DACH-I, bidirectional import export gateway with German/Italian speaking countries and Nordic/Baltic is based on 18 years of experience in working with

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Launch your business idea now on Startup cities: Apply now

Do you feel inspired and are you firm motivated to launch your new scalable business idea with high potential in global/local markets. We focus on high-tech, smart-cities, medias, life science, social development children and seniors care, environment, pharmaceutical, security & civil defense, entertainment industry, on/off-shoring of production. Don´t wait too long, apply today. B2BALTIC Startup Hub will evaluate your project,

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DACH-I German Italian Network opening to Nordic by B2Baltic

News from Social Media Business: the German-Italian Import Export Investments Job LinkedIn group DACH-I – which had been restricted only to German, Swiss, Austrian and Italian companies since its creation one year ago – is now open to foreign professionals and companies and connected with B2Baltic Alliance. The initiative is based on 18 years working with German and Italian speaking

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