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You´re a business mentor or you search one? Join Program Nordic-Global 2017-2019

(free application form below↓)  Why Mentoring is Important. B2BALTIC™ established the Mentoring Program for two reasons: when you have never had a mentor to advise, you feel that you have to learn things primarily through experience and observation instead of counsel at your side. Clearly having a mentor offers an easier, better and more focused path. we truly believe that

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Doing Business in Sweden StartUp Hub. Stockholm is the most prolific

Stockholm is the most prolific billion-dollar Startup Hub behind Silicon-Valley On a per capita basis, Stockholm is the second most prolific tech hub globally with 6.3 billion-dollars companies per million people (Silicon Valley is 6.9). Sweden made about over half of the 187 Mln. USD that startups across the Nordics attracted in 2014. But once deals such as the 350

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Jobs in B2Baltic Social Medias

We´d like to inform you that the JOB FEED is now active on all our social media business groups thanks a filtered integration with LinkedIn Professional Job Engine. There are online hundreds of jobs and positions offered in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark and other countries connected with our business gateways worldwide. Ask to enter the

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