Communicators community team, for journalism, broadcast, media advertising & public relations

communicating is a way of travel,

not a final destination

B2Baltic as B2B community is surrounded by 1000+ professionals of the communication and media broadcasting world, such as media entrepreneurs, journalists, advertisers, passionate business or politic blogger, film makers, and event organizers in Sweden, Finland, Western Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Denmark.

We joined the B2BALTIC community in 2014 and also launched the first regional LinkedIn group for sharing some news and searches. 400+ sector-specialists have joined it. The following categories are welcome to join the community: Animation, Broadcast Media, Design, Entertainment, Events Services, Graphic Design, Marketing and Advertising, Media Production, Motion Pictures and Film, Newspapers, Online Media, Photography, Printing, Public, Relations and Communications, Publishing, Translation and Localization.

how to enter the regional team?

  1. join the community at least as free basic member applying here (it takes 1 minute!);
  2. Click here to enter also the LinkedIn group (ask to join if you are a specialist or HR director searching for a professional).

You can start discussions and post in freedom (but remind to make your posts interesting, attractive, engaging) for example looking for new local partners, or offering job positions, finding professionals, introducing your top brands to the others and all the media contents you have built for that, or promoting your regional event Nordic/Baltic. Just do your smart networking and show what you can…

You want to moderate the LinkedIn group or become journalist/editor? Contact us fast on Facebook or directly from your LinkedIn account by writing to the group administrators.


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