Innovation and development are valuable when they really make sense for our society not just personal” (Daniel Janetschek)

Managing Partner of Janetschek & Partners, since 2000.

Janetschek-partners-leading-innovation-definitive-2016I´m specialized for almost 20 years in Development of multiple companies, agencies and activities in different European countries, holding shares of several kind of businesses, from corporate Telecommunications services in partnership with main European players, to wholesalers of consumer electronics, design furniture. Experience and passion for Real-Estate development, High-Tech and Smartcities. In IT field I invested many years and provided with professional services CMS, CRM, DAM, ECM, Data-Center Virtualization. Thank the launch of Baltica & Partners group in 2013, and the successful B2BALTIC Community in 2014, Janetschek & Partners has landed on multiple foreign Nordic market expansion, dealing with trade, marketing, research, investigations, B2B-Platforms, corporate mentoring. My personal aim is to develop deeper People-Care structures for children and seniors, disabled people, increasing social safety, and focusing on higher standard of quality.

Head of Business Development of Baltica & Partners, since 2012.


In 2013 I created for the first time our Nordic/Baltic branch “Baltica & Partners” which supports every Nordic and Baltic company to reach its full international potential, and companies from all over the world to reach their potential by investing in the Nordic countries and fastest emerging North-East, including also Russia. Me and my team internationalize businesses efficiently with experience from retail to construction, from high-tech to startups. I also explore and drive a new type of B2B with social orientation and futuristic smart-cities tools. More than 190 business partners/associates. 6 important hot-spots for the international trading panorama have been built. Development business and internationalization facilities in Sweden Finland Russia Estonia Latvia Lithuania Denmark Germany Poland. The famous DOING BUSINESS IN SWEDEN network, DACH-I network and ITALIA BALTICO TRADING CLUB were founded by my international work and the diplomatic relations.

Business Angel, Non-Profit Professional and Managing Director of B2BALTIC Allianz Nordic, since 2014.


In 2014 I launched B2BALTIC, which represents the “Think Tank” of the modern B2B. The Non-Profit Nordic Baltic Business Community which connects the 9 Baltic-Sea countries, also involving Russia, Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. About 40.000 Business Users dealing with any kind of smart business. My trading platform also provide members with several media facilities, business networking groups on LinkedIn, Business Blogs, News, Tweets. 35 facilities and much more offered to members. B2BALTIC´s LinkedIn presence with over 20 groups, 14 professional moderators, and over 14.000 followers is the biggest ever on LinkedIn for the Nordic/Baltic area.

Volunteer Certified Crisis and Team Manager, since 1994.

I come from many years of youth voluntary service, more than 2400 rescue operations in Europe, as certified crisis manager, team leader & driver of special vehicle, coordinator of rescue operations in Emergency Call-Center. Awarded in 1993, 1995, 1997. It was since my high-school time. I did it with passion for helping others and improving my social skills.

 Honors, Awards, Education, since 1992.


I was awarded 4 Gold 2 Silver and honorary member of civil defence. Recognitions for sale and marketing success: 2001 online-advertising success; 2003 financial assurance services success; 2005 internet & business-telecommunication success; 2006 e-commerce and network expansion; 2012 national partners expansion for enterprise software; 2013-2017 I´m worldwide the most popular promoter of the Baltic States and active in the Nordic Countries of Scandinavian area. I have spent half of my life reading and studying software engineering, industrial robotics, corporate law and behavioral psychology. I´m still interested in self-development.

You can hire me for:

  • sales & marketing development of new markets, emerging Nordic/Baltic countries, Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland; no matter the segment (from machinery to food);
  • managing real estate restructuring and development of city districts;
  • development of startups (not only in early-stage) oriented to smart-cities innovation tools (from urban to smartphone apps to make the city-life easy and safe);
  • development of social projects oriented to provide individual/family services with facilities for disable people, senior people, kids;
  • development of data centers included virtualization processes in order to empower telecommunication services;
  • joining non-profit boards with the aim of international development or national security, to get advise and external support also from all our other non-profits;

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