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What is it?

The sales & marketing team DOING BUSINESS IN SWEDEN was established in 2012 during our work activity on connecting Sweden with Austria and Italy. Since 2013 a LinkedIn group for old members, new and guest has been launched as well. Since then over 2400 companies have joined it and it went in the top 5 of the most popular Swedish business networks.

JOIN IT ON LINKEDIN: LinkedIn group.

Which benefit is gained by using this group?

You can promote your business, brands and projects, looking for new clients, local business partners or investors, to offer special job positions and find professionals, partners or agents to work with. Let´s see how smart you and your brand are by B2B professional networking. When you need specific support of Swedish developers, just contact B2Baltic team.


  • Adonia Cellulit Serum Vi vill passa på att välkomna er alla till vår nya webbshop. Vi hoppas att du kommer att trivas här och att du hittar det du söker. Har du frågor eller funderingar, tveka inte att kontakta oss, vi är online via supporten Återförsäljare i Norge får gärna höra av sig!

  • We buy excess of NEW and USED ISO box containers in CWC or ASIS, (mainly 20′, 40′, 45′ DV and HC)!

  • Eurosec is looking for resellers all over the world! For more information, please contact Mr Fred Westerholm

  • We are looking for representatives to help us grow our presence in different countries all over the world. Our company designs and produces automatic packaging machines and complete lines for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. We give you the possibility to enter in a in a continuously growing market. If you are willing to become one of them and help us to promote our company

  • Corner France experts are selecting French wines only from independant wine producer for Baltic and Scandinavian clients. With Corner France, you can discover different wines, which are chosen by meeting wine producers, learning about production processes and after tasting.

  • Looking for importers of alcholic beverage especially grappa, liquors and distillates; please have a look to the catalogue and if interested contact me for further details.

  • I have a client who is looking for a sales representative in Sweeden or Norway for professional construction and agricultural equipment (telescopic handlers, excavators, forklifts, etc.) For more information, please contact me.

  • Terence Evans

    iNiTiO Automotive EV is a company with innovation, design, technology and production from small to large electric vehicles to our latest tested and approved 12m Electric City Bus Mod: MPC1. We develop 100% environmentally friendly Electric vehicles, with 0% CO2 discharge. We use our latest battery, BMS, electric motors and power-trains in custom built vehicles in order to optimise comfort and performance. We are seeking investors and companies that we can co-operate with that want to join us in this industry. The EV industry is one of the strongest growing industries to invest in today. We have the knowhow to become global market leaders. Please contact us and we will tell you more.

  • We are a leading manufacturer of air handlers, air distribution systems, product coolers & data centre cooling solutions. with an impressive track record for designing & manufacturing high quality humidification solutions. We distribute to over 50 countries worldwide, which represents over 80% of our total manufactured output. We are looking to develop relationships in those countries where we currently have no representation.

  • Daniel Janetschek

    Swiss franchising format, with innovative genetic + biotech + biomedical approach to medical beauty. Please contact me for more details in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Germany, Denmark.

  • Mario Kaiser

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil, healthy fat for a healthy diet from Italy ready to export to Nordic. Please contact me for more details.

  • Kobi Schwarts

    We are a b2b software company looking for a VAR/ Distributor in Sweden for our Software product. Among our customers – BT, UBS, Vodafone and more. My Single Point provides organizations with a software layer that is located on top of the existing “applications islands” to deliver a single holistic interface in which business operations is managed In order to terminate the “manage by Excel” regime, MSP creates a unique bundle of managerial apps that are intertwined using a unique EA layer (which orchestrates on-premises and cloud based siloes)…

  • Mario Kaiser

    Are you an architect or an interior designer? Are you a made in Italy furnishing lover? Well, we are looking for you then! Cooperate with us! You can see all the brands we deal with at the most competitive prices!

  • Liga Krauze

    BETOLLI are interested to put BETOLLI shirt calatolge in wedding stores, showrooms etc. We wan’t to popularized BETOLLI shirts in Sweden.

  • Mario Kaiser

    Looking for sales representatives in Sweden for automatic cutting machineries for flexible foam, upholsteries, textiles. Is there anyone with a similar customer portfolio interested in extending his product offer?

  • Mario Kaiser

    Looking for Swedish pharmaceutical importers…
    We promote a leading Pharmaceutical Wholesalers and Warehouse. The products we supply are licensed well-known brands of pharmaceuticals of manufacturers like Abbott, Astra Zeneca, Bayer, GSK, Novartis, and they are manufactured in EU countries, USA, Canada, Australia, and others. As far as the pricing concerns, I can tell you that we offer originals at near generics price, thanks to the government policy to keep prices at minimum level. We have been exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide and we are constantly increasing the number of our customers.

  • Alin - Vlad Bădiliță

    Details on the advantages of Innovation, R&D, Big Data
    A few articles I composed for our company website. The articles focus on the advantages of R&D, Innovation & Big Data in the business sector. Please do have a look, it’s free knowledge and if you provide me with feedback, even better. The articles are compiled from late 2013 surveys, white papers, a mix of information from – Aberdeen Research, McKinsey & Company and PWC.

  • Mario Kaiser

    Business Opportunities in Sweden: 4 Opportunities for Tech-Savvy U.S….
    4 profitable business opportunities in Sweden for tech-savvy United States companies.

  • Pandora (de Bartha) Zolotor

    Keep At It – Bringing Swedish talent to new regions
    How to Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working Toward Your Goals
    We all have goals and dreams, but it can be difficult to stick with them. Each week, I hear from people who say things like, “I start with good intentions, but I can’t seem to maintain my consistency for a long period of time.

  • Stephen Earle

    We are interested in supply only to the Swedish market if anyone is in the Construction or Installations to push and sell our products, perhaps a commission on successful sales could be negotiated…?
    Affordable Timber Windows (also known as ATW) manufactures and supplies the highest quality Timber Sash Windows, Timber Casement Windows & Doors & Bi Folding Doors to Installers (Trade) throughout the…

  • Nilgun Dogangun

    Ze-Za ; with a experienced team will always be ready to make all your researches , collection and production with a great care in Turkey. Perfect quality , promt shipments , good price range …

  • Daniel Janetschek

    Non-Profit activities to promote in Sweden or around?
    If you are already contributing to a non-profit social activity and you have a concrete idea or request in mind good for people, senior, young, family, disabled, innovation, reconstruction, environment, or for new businesses/start-ups opportunities those which are able to create new work places also for those persons who don´t have a master or special education, please let us know. The best ideas and proposals will be posted also in other regional networks for Nordics and Baltics.

  • Mario Kaiser

    Looking contact in Waste to Energy
    We are looking contacts in Waste to Energy to develop a new business between Brazil and Sweden.
    For more details, please, contact me.

  • Olli Nuutinen

    Where to find most comprehensive list of Swedish trade shows / expos? Any ideas?

  • Mario Kaiser

    Looking for Nordic distributors for luxury hand-made woman handbags
    We are looking for Nordic and Baltic retailers, wholesales, distributors for our client an European luxury hand-made woman handbags producer. Interesting partner fees program. If you are interested in our top brand please contact me.


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