10.000+ members involved in our famous professional groups for Nordic Baltic

social-businessB2BALTIC & LinkedIn for business members

B2BALTIC Community for Innovation & SmartCities provides members (effective members or free members from Nordic/Baltic seaside area) also with professional business-to-business networking opportunity on LinkedIn as well as other professional platforms (see all facilities for members). That´s for profit activities as well as non-profit world.

Groups are moderated by B2BALTIC NON-PROFIT Team (please support their page and share the contents in your area if you are a free member of the B2BALTIC community or guest, this also helps your activities). The team also evaluate the quality of your contents and services by a check-up online. Best publishers, advertisers (or best products) will be rewarded by boosting them longer in the community thank the booster facility.

Do start using the groups from now, do not miss the chance to participate to the most dynamic European market place for all kind of businesses and smart initiatives. Regional content (focused and not generic) is especially welcomed.

Do share your contents, posts, comment the other posts, like them when you like, or share them as well (they might do the same for you and you would get their audience). If it is a video content, a business short movies, a product presentation, etc, you can add it to B2BALTIC TV palimpsest. N.B. the LinkedIn group membership doesn´t grant the “effective” membership inside the B2BALTIC community.

Let´s start and see what you can!


B2BALTIC GUESTS GROUP ON LINKEDIN, offers one main group for generic B2B initiatives and 10 thematic subgroups restricted to regional specialists:

(→N.B. please remind, to do networking on our groups you need to have at least a base free membership in our community, it takes 3 minutes to get one through this simple application, you can change the type of membership later anytime←)

NEW-LOGO-doing-business-sweden-3littleDOING BUSINESS IN SWEDEN. The famous Swedish team also offers a LinkedIn group. Focused on the world’s seventh country for doing business. Since January 2014 in the top 5 of the most popular Swedish business group on social business medias. In April 2015 became “open group”. To request to join it or have a look inside click here←.

DACH-IDACH-I. Since 2013 you can find our historical German-Italian business activity also on social media LinkedIn. It is the first unique professional & corporate LinkedIn group between DACH Area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and Italy. Based on more than 20 years of work experience in building business relationships between these territories. Many non-profit main organizations and top enterprises have joined it so far, although they post rarely. Also in this group, like for all the others, the members are connected with a newsletter and receive notification by e-mail when you post on it! To request to join the LinkedIn close group click here←. If you a certified Italian operator (business or non-profit) or deal with Italian companies, you can join Italy-Baltic Trading Club on LinkedIn.

Questions about, or you want to upload your video contents? Just contact the fast support page on Facebook by clicking on “send a message”.


Do you need more for your event to enlarge your audience? You can use b2boost to spread your voice Nordic Baltic Global.


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