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Germania Austria Svizzera Italia gruppo Business per Import Export Vendita Servizi Investimenti.
Allemagne Autriche Suisse Italie Réseau d’affaires pour Import Export Ventes Services Investissements.

What is it?

Based on 18 years building business relationships and managing companies between German and Italian speaking Countries named D-A-CH-I. Our sales & marketing team, which was established in August 2006, founded this group in October 2013 on LinkedIn. Since then, over 1000 companies have joined it, 92% German/Italian according to public statistics. Ask to join it: LinkedIn group.

Which benefit is gained by using this blog directory?

You can use our LinkedIn group to promote your business, brands and projects, looking for new clients, local business partners or investors, to offer special job positions and find professionals, partners or agents to work with. Moreover, you can also post on this page or submit your B2B blog as well (see REGISTRATION section).

How can I use it?

Submit and list your offer/product/website concisely. Let´s see how smart you and your brand are. Participate to this professional B2B moderated networking.



  • We have a quick due diligence and a fast decision. We need retail-, office- and logisticbuildings with at least 10 mio. per object. Portfolios may be up to € 800 Mio. If you are mandated or you are the owner, please contact me.

  • we offers in Germany a mobile and waterless car wash service. Herewith, we developed a product that makes it possible to clean a car without any water. With just 200ml cleaning liquid, we are able to clean an entire car. We are saving more than 600 Liter water with that innovative technology. Additional to that, our cleaning products are 100% ecological and environmental friendly. More than 70 car rental stations in Germany are using our products due to the immense cost reduction for car wash per car. By using our product waterless car wash products, a car can be cleaned for less than 1 € per Car. In comparison car rental stations pay round about 6 € per car today.

  • Freed Maaler was launched in 2010 with the aim of spreading joy and happiness through a colorful and unique collection of socks. Our eye-catching and delightful socks are designed by our creative and expert designers who give a unique touch to the socks to make you feel special. We believe that a person can be made more comfortable just by changing the quality of the socks one wears. When your feet are happy, there is nothing that can stop you from being happy. Our collecting comprises of the best quality socks, specially designed and hand-picked to match your expectations.

  • Canadean is looking for freelance (annual contract) Switzerland Consultant for beverage and dairy industry.

  • We are looking for building a retail chain for Viaverde Lessinia’s products-an Italian cheese manufacturer coming from the northern mountain areas of Verona province, who would be interested to expand abroad. We are currently having amazing success in Italy and Romania and we need other retail stores or retail chains to expand abroad( the products are CE origin and certified by Verona Chamber of Commerce). You can find details on

  • Manufacturer of dietary food Supplements in two Ranges, organic and traditional. Our dietary Supplements have a comfortable presentation in tablets, capsules or powder and a formulation that allow the best use and the Optimum price. Spirulina, Maca, Goji berry, Guarana, Camu Camu, Propolis, Omega Salmon Oil, Wheat grass, Barley grass, Chlorella are the aktives of our saupplements,

  • Partnership to develop Sardinia real estate market
    ResRei Sardinia is a real estate consulting firm, specialized in providing customized services to the international buyers that are willing to purchase a prestigious holiday home (villa, house, or apartment) in Sardinia. I take care only of the buyer and his needs. A change of perspective in relation to the Italian realtors. A new way to sell homes: buy them! I search realtors based in different countries to develop partnerships and promote the sardinian real estate. Please visit my website and my blog to discover my activity

  • Shrikala Jammalamadaka

    To all German and Italian investors, investing where sofar only big institutional investors had access to, is there a better way to minimise risk … for more…

  • Mario Kaiser

    Italian shoes Wholesale, please contact me for more details.

  • Mario Kaiser

    Photovoltaic panels bargain. Polycrystalline solar panels from 240w to 300 watt production company Italian-Indian Minimum order 1mw CIF port of destination $ 0615

  • Carlo Marocco

    The best of Italian style and design. The parquets, the wood mosaic covering, the leather flooring and covering are available in an high finishing range that represent for a customer a dream come true. The new formats, the technical solutions, the surface effects are part of a our Technicians’ continuos search. “Arcipelago water design” is a new wash basins and accessories collection made with Indonesian Marble made according to the Italian Style rules. The strict lines have been sculpted by hand from craftsman which get pleasant the use.
    They are available in the following colours: Bali Green, Grey Agung, Cream Kawi Agung and White Kawi Aneka…

  • Mario Kaiser

    Solar Power Plants in South Italy. Opportunity for DACH Investors
    Thanks a built network of Italian Professionals and partnership, we are able to offer safe investments in energy sector using “safe” Italian Southern areas we have defined. It´s an important opportunity for German investors to build very profitable solar power plants. Contact me for further details.

  • Daniel Janetschek

    Swiss franchising format, with innovative genetic + biotech + biomedical approach to medical beauty. Please contact me for more details in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Germany, Denmark.

  • Massimo Revello

    MYBA vs. ISYBA charter agreement
    EU VAT and tax disadvantages, it is true … But few know that the choice of the “contract” can not only save money, but to ensure peace of mind “tax.” Many Owners extra-ue, unfortunately, are considering abandoning the activity of “charter” for fear of incurring annoying tax situations.
    Certainly unpleasant situations that occur in France but not in Italy. Considering, in tax terms, the uncertainty of “French” and “certainty” Italian, any Beneficial Owner should expect from its “managers” to reanalyze carefully (if they can) the current situation…

  • Vito Candiloro

    Trade company specialized in sale of Sicilian specialties is searching for a distributor as a strategic partner for the development of the business in the DACH-area.
    We operate as a single point of contact between these special providers and our customers spread around Europe. Among others, our offer comprises a wide selection of Sicily’s specialties, such as Bronte’s pistachios, Pachino tomato’s conserves, fish conserves, pasta and EVOO. We are searching for a distributor of Deli shops, restaurants and supermarkets, with which to develop an effective and long-lasting cooperation.

  • Tommaso Manco

    FOOD PRODUCTS FROM ITALY (Lecce – Salento) – Wine (Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Classic, cold pressed and flavored), Organic wine (Primitivo, Negroamaro and Sangiovese), Vincotto (Balsamic, refined, Icing) and delicatessen products preserved in olive oil (such as: peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, olives, capers, etc …), made with modern equipment, using local recipes.

  • Olga Pavlovska

    I am looking for partners for Water-cooler (Water-dispenser) sales and rental business. Products are investigated and produced in Finland, have design and functional features. Contact me….
    Looking for different kind of cooperations – delivery, plumbing, contract sales, distributions, promoting….

  • Mario Kaiser

    Trading with more than 300 italian exclusive wine labels. barolo, barbaresco, amarone, lugana, ripasso, langhe, roero, nebbiolo, sangiovese, chardonnay, pinot, merlot, barbera, cabernet, prosecco, spumante, champagne, franciacorta, valpolicella, langhe, sagrantino, montefalco, aglianico, sannio, fiano,…


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