Doing High-Tech in Nordic & Baltic, regional team & guests. Topic 2018: innovation-cities, smart-cities, social tech, apps revolution, cybersecurity.

We have achieved 20 years experience of information technology and high tech in Europe. Then we have joined the community B2BALTIC also launching a LinkedIn group for some passionate. The group is a regional one, for Nordic & Baltic, little one (about 400 members), we are all bit introverted, but the work behind is huge. How to enter the hub, do some networking on LinkedIn and propose collaborations or integrations? Logic: 1) join the community by filling-up the free application here (it does not cost money). 2) enter the linkedin group and share your tech initiative…show something, at least do show you are not another tech zombie.

Tech community specialization: industrial automation, retail automation, machinery, robotics, aerospace, mobile Apps development, DAM, ECM, ERP, BI, CRM, computer security, cybersecurity, in Sweden, Finland, Western Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and the gateway countries Austria, Switzerland, Italy. 3500+ system integrator worldwide help us develop modern society and social-care. Participate, to find new partners, share your contents and launch your tech products (basic support is for free for you as local Nordic/Baltic), or ask professional sales & marketing tasks, export intelligence to us (membership fee of free contribution required)

N.B. Group access is also open to HR-managers looking for tech specialists!


N.B. If you are working in pharma industry, please join Pharma group instead, to focus better and work with the right community members. If you have a project ready to be evaluated by investors, please post the project/business plan or presentation on Startup group.


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