Invest in Italy with a Nordic group

Historical group of buildings for sale in Italy and real estate development project, Christopher Columbus´s and historical banks city

Our local Italian partner is selling the Villa-Monastery in Genoa (Italy), city of historical italia-baltico-bigBanks, strategic Mediterranean main commercial harbor and ships constructor. We believe, you should be interested in this prestigious object. The buildings-complex is located in the luxury city district, near to the seaside/city beach and best central green area. Different buildings, park and even a still active catholic church belong to the property. around 7000 m2, 2000 m2 park. 1000 m2 car-garage is going to be built, right in the city district where more car places are a need. Normal cost per square meter in this city-district 4000-8000 EUR. A side of the Villa has been rent-out, that means it generates a fix income. Buildings can be sold separately:
– around 1600 m2 building still home for senior citizens;
– around 4500 m2 convent;
– building land/green park with available build permission for 54 car places;
– building 900 m2 with 6 apartments.

The beautiful area at the seaside just a few meter far from the Villa in the best central city district of Genova-Albaro:



Photovoltaic energy solutions, safe verified investment opportunity in Italy and power-plants for sale

Baltica & Partners have achieved years of experience also in energy industry since 2006. Our partners have delivered recently 5 photovoltaic power plants for more than 18 MWp. New applications are coming. In the pictures below you can see the built solar plants and also a Biomass heating plant. Energy production by sun and biomass is a safe investment, we exactly know the right place for such production in a country, Italy, where electricity is a big need, quite expensive and there are several State incentives to build new plants.

Other opportunities in Italy

House for sale


city of Pescara, Abruzzo, 800 m from the sea Detached house on three levels in a hilly and quiet district with private independent entrance, garage, double front and rear garden to the building, possibility to include in the price the construction of a swimming pool. 1.8 M Euro.

other offers from Italy: holiday houses / apartments for sale in Liguria (nearby Cinqueterre): see here


Ask a question related to this objects, if you want to acquire them, or propose your top ones (from 1 Mln EUR):


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