Invest in Lithuania with us

 A green residential project near by Vilnius looking for co-investors in Lithuania


The concept of this proposal for area T02 is to create a luxury oasis, varying in size and form, but with similar looks and
appearances. They are all adapted to the landscape and the the plot and can be designed to meet almost all individual needs. They are aimed at an international market but with a noticeable local relation. Big windows and glass doors enhance the spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and ensure a strong link between the interior and spacious patios.

There are four types of luxury houses:
Type A – 350 m² 3 bedroom houses on one floor
Type B – 250 m² 3 bedroom houses on one floor
Type C – 250 m² 3 bedroom houses on two floors
Type D – 160 m² 3 bedroom semidetached houses on one floor
The biggest houses, type A, and the most luxurious ones, are situated at the highest level of the area, with views over the lake, woodland and open fields. The two floor houses, type C, are situated on the south side, with the most slope and views over open fields and woodland. And thus leaving the smaller houses in between with.

Materials are light, low maintenance materials, chosen from a local palette, but with a strong international or Scandinavian feel. Stone and
timber cladding, rendered walls and a flat roof. Aluminum windows and sun-stop insulating glass with paved or timber patios.

A Colliers International Expert Valuation Report has been done! Ask B2Baltic for further details, maps and business plan. Invest in Lithuania. Moreover, other projects are being developed, ask B2Baltic for details or see the status of B2Baltic in Lithuania, whats-up and why you should invest in emerging European Nordic/Baltic Lithuanian municipalities.

Do you want to understand how the Baltic real estate market is going? Read the complete market review 2014 directly online (based on Estonian research).


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