Blog Listing help your B2B web traffic grow – free


B2BALTIC has also a blog directory that helps your B2B blog or corporate website rank in the search-engine and web traffic grow. It´s very easy and helpful:

– visible listing of your business website, or B2B blog, inside the popular B2Baltic blog;

– growing rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.


Terms & Conditions to get listed on B2Baltic blog are very easy:

  1. You have relevant website, blog, contents and products to promote.
  2. The service is free of charge when you find a space on your homepage for B2Baltic badge or a link to blog. In case you don´t want to join the free link-exchange, but you want a dedicated public post/article professional on plus listing for undefined period of time, please contact us).
  3. You have 2 size of the badge available, see below, or a link, in case of free service (2); do not copy the badge but the code (just copy/paste) then putting the following codes on your html.
  4. Our team or robot will review anytime your site to check if it is complying with these Terms and Conditions then confirming your listing on B2Baltic.

the big badge code

<a href="">
<img src="" 
alt="B2Baltic" /></a>

or the small badge code

<a href="">
<img src="" 
alt="B2Baltic" /></a>

or the simple link somewhere in your homepage


Simple Process to get listed:

a) choose the blog directory: either B2Baltic, Doing Business in Sweden or DACH-I. (only one).

b) on the bottom of that directory just submit your site, link, comment and content (be smart, use keywords, tags)

c) use the free link exchange by using the badge or choose the professional service.


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