Listing Projects looking for Investor

(general projects directory is being developed)
→ (REAL ESTATE) A Luxury Development Project in Riga Center looking for Investor/Developer.
→ (INVESTMENT FUND) Commercial Fund in the Baltic States, safe investment.
(STARTUP) A functional Social media neighbor project: platform designed to trust your neighbours, based on geo-localization to provide and organize instant access to local resources and quickly share objects, skills, news. A private social marketplace.
→ (REAL ESTATE) A green residential project near by Vilnius looking for investors in Lithuania
→ (REAL ESTATE) A development Commercial/Residential Tallinn center Estonia (1).
→ (REAL ESTATE + BUSINESS) Stevedoring Logistic for sale in Baltic Free-Port.
→ (ENERGY) Photovoltaic energy & Biomass heating solution: safe power plants in Italy for sale.
→ (REAL ESTATE) A development-renovation in center of Tallinn, Estonia (2).
→ (REAL ESTATE+BUSINESS) A 3-STAR SPA Wellness Hotel in Riga (Latvia) for sale (also 2 further hotels, ask us!).
→ (REAL ESTATE) Project Development near by Riga Center (Latvia).
→ (REAL ESTATE) A Monastery Villa/Castle in Genoa top district (Italy) plus development project.
→ (REAL ESTATE) Project development in Carnikava near by Riga (Latvia).
→ (REAL ESTATE) Development Project in the most popular Latvian summer holidays Jurmala.
→ (REAL ESTATE) Building to renovate in center of Riga (Latvia) for sale.



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