Non-Profit Team & Social Structure Development. Work with us for a better Nordic society.

senior-childrenThe team of B2BALTIC-SOCIAL inside B2BALTIC Alliance, is devoted to supporting social initiatives, non-profit, businesses with social orientation, and to building organized high-tech social structures. The aim: social development, real estate restructuring of abandoned districts, smart startup financing, smart-cities projects, child and elder care, people care, education, and now also migration policy. A LinkedIn group is also available since 2014 for guest members (click here to ask to enter the group if you are a non-profit professional or dealing with social development).

The following categories are particularly welcome: Civic & Social Organization; Education Management; Fund-Raising; Government Administration; Government Relations; Higher Education; Hospital & Health Care; Individual & Family Services; Mental Health Care; Museums and Institutions; Nonprofit Organization Management; Philanthropy; Political Organization; Religious Institutions; Venture Capital & Private Equity.

Do you want to become partner/co-investor to construct high-tech organized social structures child/senior/people-care in the Baltic/Nordic area, or co-finance smart-cities projects? Fill up to work with our Nordic Baltic people.


  • SUPPORT US! DonoBot is a multidimensional, personalised charity platform. DonoBot is a unique peer – to – peer donation platform. DonoBot combines different approaches and services for Donors, Donees and small charities. DonoBot focuses on medical conditions like diseases, accidents, hereditary conditions or situations that arise from the former.
    Our aim is to help people.

  • Vilma Slimaite

    Lithuanian welfare society for persons with mental disability was founded in November 1989. 53 Associate members bring together over 11 thousand of persons with intellectual disabilities, their parents or guardians. The main engine ensuring legal and equal participation in public life, to represent these people and their families ‘ interests at all levels and protect their civil, social and human rights. If you would like to find more information about society “Viltis”, you could check our web Please support us!


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