Jobs & recruiting in B2BALTIC


B2BALTIC Community for SmartCities, B2B & Innovation is also place for Job seekers and employers.

Since 2014 B2BALTIC has been dealing with thousands of companies offering job positions as well as professionals looking for a new challenge. We are working together with top HR directors, to connect offer-search inside the community, to create more and more opportunities.

By the way,  we want to give you a little tip, to find a new employer, to recruit a geek, or even to find a new business associate, partner or co-investor, quite faster: do use the B2Booster tool of the community B2BALTIC (professional service) and do spread your voice talking about your initiatives, search or project.

⇒If you are a HR manager looking for professional candidates, 1) do register for free your activity in the B2B community, so we will evaluate your case for collaborations with your structure depending on your location and type of specialization; 2) do always publish your job offer by posting it on the JOBS sections of our LinkedIn groups (you can ask to join 1 or all, a moderator will check your profile and grant access); thank our famous groups you will deliver your service more professionally, increasing your personal audience and contacts list.

⇒If you are an employer, executive director or business owner, please do register for free your activity in the B2B community (you can always change the type of membership later) and select “recruiting assistance” during the application procedure. It takes just 3 minutes to be part of the B2B Nordic Baltic community.

⇒if you are employee (not entrepreneur), searching for new challenge, please stay in touch with our professional groups, check the job offers inside our LinkedIn groups. If you are still working for your previous employer, you can share smart contents related to your world and specialization, showing up your ability to the other members and entrepreneurs. It might increase your opportunities. Normally smart professionals get rewards on business networks like this.

⇒if you are freelance with entrepreneurship attitude, and you would like to work with an amazing team for generating new revenues, you can join the sales team (private businesses, certified members of our community) and work on common deals. Do join the community here. During the application procedure, please (important) select “you are consultant/advisor” or “you are broker”.

⇒if you are investor and you would like to work together with our B2BALTIC investor club (made by venture capitalists, investment directors, business angels, philanthropist) to find new jobs or activity to join, please enter here our structure.