Doing Real Estate in Nordic Baltic: acquisition, restoration and development. Exclusive Clubbing.

skyscraperB2BALTIC RE community team has achieved international experience working with top designers (for example best SPA designers in the world), architects associations, engineers, brokers, developers & constructor, property managers of residential or commercial premises since 90´ years.

B2BALTIC™ connects with more than 500 Real Estate businesses on our territories, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Germany, Denmark, as well as in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Emirates and USA (see for example our partner Baltica & Partners case listing).

Since 2014 there is also a professional LinkedIn group devoted to real estate professional for little online networking: Click here to apply to ask to enter the group and start business networking. Categories allowed inside are: Architecture & Planning;  Building Materials; Civil Engineering; Commercial Real Estate; Residential Real Estate; Construction; Furniture; Hospitality; Venture Capital & Private Equity; Banking.

Are you selling your house, commercial building, empty, abandoned or in good condition / full rent-out? We´could acquire them. Just become free base member of B2BALTIC community, and select “sell your building”:



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