Retail Community Nordic Baltic & Luxury Nordic Hub. Topics for 2018: luxury goods, design & art.

Shopping Center Nordic 1


in the picture a shopping center in Finland made also thank our designers and furniture partners


Retailers Nordic Baltic B2B Community


B2BALTIC RETAIL HUB for Retail World in Sweden, Finland, Western Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Denmark, is not only importer/exporter, distributor retail network, but first of all is developer of luxury shops, key of its success (to receive a catalogue of our works, please contact directly on Facebook).

7000+ retailers, shop and distributors in Europe (statistic March 2017). Since 2014 we have launched “Doing Retail in Nordic and Baltic” a fast growing group on LinkedIn for retail entrepreneurs, distribution specialists and special approved guests.

⇒⇒ Remind: to work with the community and be approved to broadcast advertising to the network (for free or with membership contribution) you need to join the community B2B as first step.

Luxury Nordic Hub is in the Retail Community.

Working with our Retail Team as well as joining the LinkedIn group requires you to have an activity or interest in Nordic and Baltic areas, belonging to the following categories: Apparel & Fashion, Automotive, Banking for Retail, Business Supplies and Equipment, Commercial Real Estate, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Consumer Services, Cosmetics, Food & Beverages, Food Production Furniture Health, IT Solutions for Retailers, Wellness and Fitness, Libraries, Luxury, Goods & Jewelry, General Retail, Sporting Goods, Supermarkets, Textiles, Warehousing, Wholesale, Wine and Spirits. If you deal with luxury goods retail, please get in touch directly with our team. Fastest way to contact the luxury team and get approved to work with the community is: clicking on “send message” on the facebook page of Luxury Nordic Hub.


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