Multiple Startups Incubator. Fundraising, Sales & Accelerator for smart business ideas

What B2BALTIC™ offers you

– all the legal and accounting procedures you need to start in our group of countries;

– coaching & mentoring;

– help in finding onsite personnel and specialists;

– e-residency application for entrepreneurs (unique new service from Estonia!);

– partners, integrators, suppliers, attorneys, prospects;

– viral marketing & promotion on all B2BALTIC-Alliance networks;

– initial market research and market entry consultations;

– determining best business model and marketing strategy;

– advise from international sales leaders and market drivers;

– 9 cities to apply, not just 1, thank a multinational multilanguage team;

– access to venture capitalist network and strong relationships with angel investors;

networking groups inside the biggest and fastest growing Baltic business network, connected worldwide;

– good know-how and connections in real estate, retail, friendly and expert in social structures, technology;

– access to big retail and supply network B2BALTIC Retail Hub with over 20 years experience in distribution top brands and commercial real estate development;

What B2BALTIC™ expects from you

– social skills and team player attitude with the aim of making the world a better place;

– high growth potential in global or specific regional markets;

– motivation to build your new business, motivated team;

– scalable business idea;

– firm ambitions;

Focused on

ICT & high-tech, business & spin-off, life-science, environment protection, pharmaceutical, social business, technology and quality round child-care and elder-care, real estate innovation & urban initiative for smart-cities and develop of emerging districts.

Start-Up Booster operating bases

Soft-landing services for new business ideas interested in starting in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, with local or worldwide ambitions: Doing Business in Sweden (Stockholm), B2BALTIC-HELSINKI (Finland), Smart-Tallinn (Estonia), Tech-Riga (Latvia), B2BALTIC-LT-Vilnius (Lithuania), B2BALTIC-SaintPetersburg (Russia), B2BALTIC-Deutschland-Berlin (Germany), AUSTRIA-B2BALTIC-Vienna (Austria), B2BALTIC-Emirates-Dubai (Emirates), B2BALTIC-Milan (Italy), B2BALTIC-Bologna (together with University of Bologna, Italy) and Santiago (Chile) the new key city to big Latino America marketplace.




Support the implementation of new businesses and accelerate the growth of inspired companies. We boosts companies with global potential through the connection “entrepreneurcapitalmarket”.

Do you feel inspired and are you firm motivated to launch your new scalable business idea with high potential in global/local markets? Apply! (if you are an Investor and want to participate please the application here instead)

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