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Luxury Real Estate Development Project in Riga Center looking for Investor, Developer.

This strategic site is looking for a developer, builder, or investor to acquire a 100% interest in the property or enter the project as a co-investor. All approvals have been received from all the required Riga City departments as well as construction permit. All infrastructure is in place (Electricity, Sewage, etc). Zoning: Mixed-Use. Project: Three level underground parking; Intensity- no

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Luxury Villa in Vilnius Center (Lithuania)

We are selling prestigious Villas and Apartments in center of Vilnius. This is an example of what B2Baltic can offer you. HOUSE FEATURES: • prestigious and luxurious residential central quarter, 10 min walk to Vingio Park, 5 min walk to Old-Town. • A Safe Place, Solid Neighbourhood • timeless classic house-built and fitted with durable and high quality materials. •

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Villa & Apartment renovation. Think luxury, safety standards, wellness for you

Living is an art. It is living in the everyday world surrounded by an environment that reflects our style with quality. Great attention to the needs and requests of the client, attention to detail, years of experience in this field. With these features Baltica & Partners together with B2BALTIC™ and LUXURY NORDIC HUB LNH represents a guarantee of quality results

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Baltica & Partners Shops and Shopping Centers. From Construction to Retailing

B2BALTIC™ RETAIL HUB together with Baltica & Partners is not just an Europa-wide store and logistic network (see Retail page) of retailers, wholesalers, distributors and warehouses, but it is first of all specialized in construction and luxury restructuring of prestigious shops with master designers and selected furniture suppliers members of B2BALTIC™ Renovation initiative: the request of restructuring of a show-room or

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Bathtub made of fine hand-cut wood from Baltic Luxury

Everything about ourselves is in constant movement, whatever efforts we make to stop the time and capture the essence. Some traditions have to be kept and nourished – bathtub made of fine wood; and some – have to be started by ourselves. With this, you can start your own tradition of quality time, gliding through waves of fullness.   Assembled

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